Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Texas and Junior hydro slide

As I was climbing the steep steps,the light flash went on. Suddenly I went down zooming as fast as I could go. In the pitch black hole was spraying water going over me and I could not see anything. When I went down the hydro slide i was getting chilly cold
I came out mister marks and he took picture of me.Then I went up the stairs, it was chilly then it my way up to the top, I was getting chilly. The green light went on ,i went down and i was twisting around and around and i went down and then they
told us our turn was finished it was the all stars turn. Then we went outside and
went to the big pool next to the hydro slide then we had to go back for some
lunch at school .

From Tj

Guess what I did when went to the school picnic?
I went to play on the slippery mud searching for big crabs
i went to play T ball with my cousin Anthony .When Anthony had his bat, he got a home run. the teacher said it was my turn,did a power hit and side steep all three bases and got a home run.
After that i had lunch because i was hungry.Then i went to play t ball again. i Cort the ball
and strike them out. we finished our game,i was looking at them sing and laugh.we went back
and waited to the bell ring.the bell rang and we went back home.

As put on my Rollerblade I was wobbling around.
After that I went fast but I went crashing into the wall.
As I went around the ring I was sweat streaming down my face.

When I went around the ring this man pulled out the the limbo then we played it .
When I was playing limbo I fall down and played around the ring
We went back to school and have lunch.

From TJ