Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spider Robot

Did you know that there is a spider robot? Well there is
,it was invented by Matt Denton a man that took a long time to built it.This invention is the cost over a thousand pounds and that it was supposed to be a cool and fun looking spider robot.

People might think this is a toy to play with but it is not,This man that built it wasn't the only one.The electronic engineer took about four years to do the legs that are made out of metal.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yesterday was the best day ever because someone famous is coming to our school. Waiting and waiting I was nervous because this visitor was a famous singer.He is also in a band and sings with a few friends.

as he came through the hall  the ambassadors were leading him the way to his chair we were all excited.The kapa haka group were making there way onto the stage to perform their show. Watching with excitement the boys were going hard out like there were proud.

In that last minute the kapa haka group walked their way of the stage. the senior hip hop group were up on the stage getting ready to perform.It was very cool watching them dance with heaps of moves.

The time was up the special visitor came up with a huge chunk of money on a check.I couldn’t believe it he gave one hundred thousand dollars award to our makanalani.It was very sad because he told us about his life.

We left and head back to our class to finish off,my friend Jacob was happy.