Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Punch Hero


  Punch Hero

Punch hero Is an app on the playstore. It Is mostly played on pc (computers) or mobile touch phones. It doesn't take heaps of space If you download It. Its an entertaining game but remember Its just a game nothing real Its just a game.

When you click the game or open It you will decide to play arcade mode, zombie mode or amateur league. You can upgrade your punches buy winning rounds to collect cash or gold coins. Cash Is hard to get because you usually have to win the championship round.

If you're like me and I have upgrades my Punches, my jabs and my uppercut moves It will be easy to verse that other your playing. I got Into this game today this year because a student In my class called”Antonio” showed me It, so I got the app on my phone and started get use to It.

If you have played street fighter before you will understand how to play.  Jabs are the weakest punch, but they’re also the quickest. It's easy to get caught by quicker hooks (like Straight punches) for critical damage when spamming jabs.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Te Tuhi Trip

This morning we had a great experience at the Te Tuhi art gallery in Pakuranga. The reason why we went there was because our theme Is “Art Attack”. As we arrived to the Te Tuhi art gallery  Jeremy was our instructor just for the morning. Jeremy showed us a few things about the art on the walls before he introduced his friend “Luisa”.

We had time to ask him questions during the first block of time when we were in the art room. When were looking and feeling the examples of tapa designs he asked us what it does it feel like to me, everyone on our table said”It felt like nam bread”.

Step by step Jeremy had told us to draw 4 things thats got to do with family, interest, home and culture. For my interest I drawn a rugby ball but it looked like a football. There were many ideas about culture but I had to choose 1, It was the mana flag. It was pretty hard to focus on Jeremy

It was that time we were finishing off the last block. We looked at water and dams, did you know New Zealand can hold heaps of water with any old dam. Jeremy took us back near the Te Tuhi center on the ground. We all said our thank you’s and goodbyes as we walked out of entrance.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why do we need to sleep?

Why do we need to sleep?

So we can rest our bodies for the next day and especially If you just finished events like athletics or you had a hard day at work. It is important to go sleep early so our brain is turned on the next day. At Pt England School(P.E.S) some of the students in my class are tired because they usually stay up late.

Why do we need to sleep? teenagers need about 9 hours on average. For most adults, 7 to 8 hours a night appears to be the best amount of sleep. Although some people may need as few as 5 hours or as many as 10 hours of sleep each day.

Sleep gives your body a rest and allows It to prepare for the next day. Sleeping also gives your brain a chance to sort things out for the next day. If you are told to go sleep by your parents you should because what will happen If you Ignore them.

If an adult gets fired its because they would of not had enough sleep. Adults that are late for work can be fired or their boss can give them a few chances. Some adults and teenagers have habits of coming late to work because what if they had to do something for a friend or their family or drop their kids off at school .

Friday, November 7, 2014

Yr 8 Camp

                              Camp was awesome!!!

During the weekends I got my gear ready for the next day. On the way to school I was feeling excited for camp because I'm gonna be far away from Auckland. As everyone arrived All the year 8’s had to meet up in the hall to see what groups there in. Each one of us had to at least help put the gear into the bus and then take a seat in the bus.

Siting way at the back of the bus I waved to mum as the bus slowly driven off.
Kicking back with the boys and playing on our phones felt good because I finally get a break from doing things.

Marsden is a peaceful place to live and also very quite. It was my first time going to Ruakaka especially camping there. I searched Ruakaka camp online and it showed heaps of fun things try out like the flying fox, water slide and even archery!.

We stopped at an unfamiliar place which I had no idea of. Everyone got off the bus and choose a spot to sit at. My friends and I were skimming rocks before we all go for a 1 hr  walk. Ooh man I heard we had to walk over to get to the other side. every one had to take of the shoes because the water is pretty deep.

My mates and I thought it would be safe but most of us were slipping and getting very muddy. (John) JK was helping the students that needed help and JK also helped me. I couldn't believe my good looking shoes are now dirty.

We all had a break on the side of the road and a few minutes later we all started walking towards the beach. It was about a 20 minutes walk to get to the beach. Yes! were there.
Everyone had a great time at the beach but we had to go. In the bus we usually sing a song then every sings.

We are finally at camp!. The first thing we did was packing our gear into the our cabins and then everyone lined up to see what were doing. The people In my cabin are Frankie, Logan, Antonio, Lukis and I.

Day 2:
Early In the morning my feet were freezing like If I was In a freezer. Mrs Nua told all the boys to follow her to the big huge field. I was surprised that we had to do 2 laps of jogging around the whole field. After breakfast we had activates and the first one was archery. My turn was after Howard and I Was confused that I might miss the target but when it was my turn after my fourth arrow I finally got the bullseye!!. It was Jorja's turn and she was doing good, It was supposed to be my turn after her but she lost one of  the arrows.

After lunch we had lunch we had free time. Antonio and I went to play volleyball in the rain. The rain killed the games because It was getting slippery and dangerous. I had just stepped In the dining room and all I heard was was thunder and lightning that struck my eye.

Day 3:
Real early in the morning Isara came into our room so we got up, but then we quickly ran back into bed because one of the adults were coming. I checked the time on my phone and it was only 3:00am!!. I closed my eyes and rested until 7:00.

Half an hour after morning tea my group Ruakaka B headed down towards the kayaks at this little area with heaps of water. Mrs Samuels showed us some techniques before entering the kayak. Antonio, Neo and I were versing each other at how fast we can go.

Tonight were are gonna watch a movie and I think Its "Here comes the boom". Of cause It gonna be here come's the boom because Isara and I told Mrs Nua If she can please please play it tonight. 
After a few games at night everyone gathered up with there pillows and blankets and enjoyed the movie as It starts. Is was a good entertaining movie.

Day 4:

Today Is the last day for all of us yr 8's and helpers. Mrs V Our leader was giving everyone a duty's to do and our duty's were to clean the toilets. Antonio and I cleaned the adults toilets and the rest of the boys the other toilets. After every one did there duty's we all gathered up on the deck and group by group went to get there morning tea and lunch. When every one got there food the boys took a group photo.

 In the bus I herd It was gonna be long until we arrive to Wai wera. It was a silent bus ride because some of the teachers were sleepy. Lorenzo and I were just at the back of the bus thinking of what water slide were gonna go on.

Yes were there and everyone got of the bus and had a stretch. We got changed into togs and got half an hour of doing anything. The first thing I went on was the speed slide then the twist slide. I have been here a few times but It Is still the same.

Oh man we on our way back to Auckland. At least all of us had a great time. Some of my highlights were having fun with my mates and having a great time.

Thank you Mrs Nua for this great opportunity.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Is It Important To Be On Time?

It is important to be on time so that people are focused and ready. If you are not on time for school that means you will miss out on important information and you will not know what to do. To be on time you will also have to go sleep early around 7:30 or 8:00pm.

At our school Pt England the Intermediate block has to be at school by 8:30am. The rest of the school have to be at school by 8:50am. If a student is late and they have a note, they will avoid detention, but if you don’t have a note and you're late you will have to have a talk with the teacher otherwise you're on detention.

Adults that are late for work can be fired or their boss can give them a few chances. Some adults have habits of coming late to work because what if they had to drop their kids off at school or do something for their family. If an adult gets fired its because they would of not had enough sleep.

I mainly come to school every day so that I can become future focused and ready to learn. Some students in my class come very late because they usually walk to school from far away.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why are class school rules are important?

Rules are important in our childhood cause what would happen without rules. Without rules There will be a lot of disrespectful people, things missing and a lot of thefts. At Pt England School there are heaps of rules especially for the intermediate block. One of the rules for the intermediate block is that you must take your shoes off before entering a classroom.

With rules It would be safer for children so when they grow up they will have a good education. Respect is one of my main things that i do. In my class most of the students are respectful but we also got thefts because last week on friday About 5 to 3pm my netbook went missing so i had a look around everywhere but i couldn't find it.

If all schools in NZ had no rules at all there will be a lot of consequences and Heaps of meetings with the teachers if you pick the wrong choices. I reckon I am use to the rules at school.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

               Good bye school holidays

Welcome back Point England!. It is now term 4 which means the theme for this term is now called” Art Attack”. This means we are learning something different from last term which is something around art attack. So that means This year we are focusing on art and making art.  

It was going to see my friends walking through the gates just in time for class, also I’ve seen some of them around the area during the holidays. “Art Attack” Mr Burt shouted in the assembly. Almost our whole class was here but some of them were away. We started our day with a welcome back Pt England and carried on with the items.  

Team 1 held the first item but instead of making a movie, they performed instead. Their performance was about the beach having a picnic and having fun. For some children it can be hard for them to understand especially the new entrance but at least it was entertaining. After the video clip the teachers were dancing and throwing lollies to the audience.

Team 2 performed after the video clip they played. It was about primary colors and when you mix two colors it makes another colour. Mostly the little kids enjoyed the video.

Team 3 was about art. There were all sorts of artist like Da Vinci and Andy Warhol. Most of the teachers were dressed up as an artist. Mrs Barks is usually the person that always talks for every item she has been in.

Team 4 Held A funny item about who's got the best art. Mr S was the funniest out of all of the teachers because he tried speaking a French accent but used a Russian accent. The artist with the best art should of been Mr S but it was another artist. I reckon everyone enjoyed the item.  

Yes its now team 5’s item. All the teachers got into groups of two and started painting. As they were painting there used black and white paint. I had no idea what they were painting until they flipped it around.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rugby Tournament

I hope we go hard and enjoy the tournament tomorrow!

Tomorrow our yr 7&8 boys are competing in a tournament at Wesley college. On the 23rd of September we are going to Wesley college to represent the East of Auckland. The bus leaves at around 7:45 am, We have to be at school by 7:00 so we can get ready.

The bus cost $10.We will need all our gear which is our mouthguard, rugby boots and black shorts. We have been training hard for the tournament, especially for us big boys.

Wesley college is providing us with snacks and lunch.There are a few rules that we have learnt. We will be versing heaps of schools from south.

Wesley college is a good college because you can get some good opportunities for your future. I was thinking of going Wesley college but i had already got accepted for Selwyn.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

Cross country was fantastic!

Last Thursday our school (Pt England) had cross country. Cross country is a big run, especially for the intermediate boys and girls. Teacher’s and children were dressed In their house colours. Almost half the school were wearing uniforms instead of mufti. I reckon this years cross country was the best because the weather was sunny and bright.

Feeling prepared for the run I saw my brother waving at me. A few seconds later Mr Burt said “get ready, set...go!” Then he slammed the blocks together. As soon as I heard Mr Burt say ”go” I was jogging with a steady pace. I realized I was getting better, after all the practicing. My buddy (Howard) and I really wanted to stop for a break but we wanted to catch up with the fast boys.

There were a variety of colours as we were running. So far I was coming a tie with Neo but it was hard to catch up because he started sprinting fast. Huffing and puffing it was very hard to breath and concentrate at the same time.

Running to the finish line I had reached my goal. I had improved my time and had a better placing than last year.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cross Country

On Thursday we had a school cross country. luckily It started at 1pm so we got to go to tech. At tech we switched to a new technology which Is graphics. At graphics we do different types of drawing like horizontal lines, 3d shades and 2d drawing.

When the tech bell rang we walked back to school to change into our mufti clothes for cross country. Almost half the school were wearing school uniform instead of mufti clothes. I was frustrated that I might slip in the beginning of the run.

Under the hot  warm sun I felt a  breeze coming straight past me. A few seconds later Mr Burt said” get ready, set, go” I was jogging with a steady paste as my feet were smashing the ground with the watery mud rising up to my legs.

I managed to jog around the reserve but I made a few stops. As I was finishing the first lap children in the crowd were cheering” go Texas”. Just finishing of the last lap I was desperate for a drink.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter To John Key

To: Prime Minister John Key

I am writing this letter to tell you that plastic bags should be banned.

Plastic bags should be banned because sea creatures are dying from eating tiny bits of plastic. Around the world people are littering in the ocean and there leaving a big mess for others to clean.  Around 30 countries have banned plastic bags.

Did you know New Zealanders use one billion plastic bags each year? In NZ heaps of people are use to buying plastic bags for shopping instead of using their own bags. Plastics do not stay how it is in the water, it eventually breaks up into tiny pieces and stays there for about 1,000 years until a sea creature comes along and eats it.

Plastic bags from grocery stores should be banned because people are dumping them in the sea or not using them properly. Sea creatures like turtles think that plastic is food so they eat it. The little bits of plastic can be sharp and pointy. Can you please ban plastic bags?

Yours sincerely

Friday, August 29, 2014

Why Kids Should Exercise Everyday

I believe that children should exercise every day so they are prepared for sports and activities. Being confident to step up to exercises is good because you can get better at running and competing in sports. I think children should run every day so they can achieve at running or achieve to compete in sports and activities.

In our country New Zealand some school kids have been focusing on becoming an athlete by practicing and practicing. Kids that don't try to do exercises and runs are causing themselves to become lazy.

Every single day many people around the world do exercises.
Our school Pt England has been focusing on cross country. Cross country is a big run around the school or around the area. Every day the yr 7 & 8’s run to the Pt England reserve and back. wWe usually do 1 or 2 laps.

Children try their best to play activities and sports but some of them come last because they don’t exercise and practice. To become better at sports you have always got to practice. Children that exercise every day keep on improving their fitness and health.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why Is Taking Care Of Your Mind And Body Is So Important?

Why Is taking care of your mind and body is so important? so we can learn and do things properly. During rugby games our body can get bruised, hurt and injured. Taking care of our bodies is important. Why do we have a brain? The brain controls our arms, legs, fingers and some more of our body parts. It Is very important to eat breakfast otherwise our brain isn’t gonna work  properly enough.

If there Is something hard and you haven’t tried before you can think and have a try, its alright if you get the answer wrong because you thought of something and you tried it out. Being cybersmart and helping one another when they're hurt or sad is a good thing because you're helping someone.

Drinking heaps of water and healthy food can make our bodies look strong, nice and good looking. Having bruises and sores around your body can make you look different than before. But we are lucky to have medicine’s and creams that can take away the bruises and sores.

The brain is the main system where we can save memories, thought, ideas, and answers to anything. If you are a very busy person and you got heaps of jobs and you're struggling your brain might feel tired and it needs to rest. To keep your mind ready and focused you got to make sure you're not thinking of something else but things you have to do.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education Van

Lynn and Harold have been traveling the world to have lessons with other schools and teach them more about our bodies. At life Education the intermediate block have been learning about drugs and alcohol and how it affects our human body. Once a week we have been watching examples about how drugs and alcohol can affect us and how people lost their friends over it.
During The first session we were watching some examples about drugs and alcohol. after the examples that we watched we had a talk about what happen and what the adults and children did wrong.

Drugs can be helpful for some people but drugs can also make adults and children feel different. There were a much more drugs that weed , There is cocaine(crack) pills, cannabis and meth. Pills can be very dangerous and harmful. This weeks session was about drugs and we also got to know about what alcohol can do when we drink it.

Watching one out of six examples there was a boy called James that was a great athlete. One night he went to a party and done something very bad. He had drunk a whole bottle of vodka which is a type of spirit drink. His friends thought he was sleeping but the next morning he was dead. He looked like a good boy but tried to do what his friends were doing.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lest We Forget

On Monday the 4th of august we had a short assembly to remember the people that died and lived. Mr Burt the principal has told us a few things about world war 1. John Key the prime minister has told all the schools in NZ(New Zealand)to have a short assembly to remember the brave men that went to war, some have came back and some have died, the prime minister also told the schools to raise the NZ flag.

Mr Burt’s grand dad was really brave to fight for NZ. June 28 in 1914 Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia were in a car but then Franz Ferdinand got shot by a guy that they haven't seen before.It can be sad for the people that died but at least we don’t have to go through it.   


Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth country

* Location: Samoa
* Population: 188,889 people
* Culture and language: english,samoan,
* Popular sport?Rugby, boxing, swimming,netball, weight lifting and running.
* Flag:blue, red and white, the five stars
* Teams competing in the Commonwealth Games

Samoa is part of 71 countries that is participating in the Commonwealth Games. Samoa is located in the Pacific Ocean. Did you know that 188,889 people live in Samoa! The languages that are spoken in Samoa is English and Samoan.

The most popular sports in Samoa is rugby, boxing, swimming, netball, weightlifting and running. One of the traditional games that they play in Samoa is called taulafoga. During the Commonwealth games Samoa has one gold,silver and bronze medals.

The Samoa flag has five white coloured stars. The colour blue is said to represent freedom. Red is representative of courage, as well as being a traditional Samoan color.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Commonwealth Games Facts

5 Facts that I already know about the Commonwealth Games:

If you come 1st,2nd and 3rd you will get a medal.
The countries that are competing are New Zealand, Australia, Cook islands, Niue, Tonga, jamaica
Commonwealth games Is about sports.
There are heaps of sports like boxing, swimming, rugby, shooting, weightlifting, cycling and running.
Instead of commonwealth they also call it “Glasgow.

Useful links:

10 new facts that I found out about the Commonwealth Games: (include a link to the site where you found your information. Your information needs to be in your own words)

71 Countries Participating
6,500 athletes are participating in the commonwealth games.
In 1930 The first commonwealth games were held In Canada.
The Queen’s heir may not be the head of the commonwealth games
Valerie Adams took part of holding the New Zealand flag at the open ceremony.
Eric Finau is part of the commonwealth games and also came to Pt England school.
For the New Zealand team, Valerie Adams Is one of the best female shot put players.
The next Commonwealth Games will be held in the Gold Coast, Australia in 2018.
The Commonwealth is made up by 53 member countries.
Boxing, archery, judo, weightlifting, swimming, long distance, javelin are some of the sports in the games.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Term 3
Welcome back Point England, it is now term 3 which means the theme for this term is different, it is called” game on”. The theme game on is part of commonwealth games, commonwealth games is about sports like boxing, cycling, running, weight lifting, shooting and more.

It was great to my friends walking through the gates just in time for class, also i seen some of them at the matariki lights in Glen innes near the library. This morning we have a team assembly which means our topic is different for this term. As we got to the hall all the teachers had a costumes or something thats part of their team, Every beginning of a new term the teachers perform  on the stage or show a movie that's made over the holidays.

In the assembly almost our whole class was here but some of them were away and they are going to miss out on the performances and movies but they can always see some of it on the school news. We started the day of with a karakia then team by team will show us their performances and movies.

Team 1 was first but instead of going on the stage to perform something they made a movie. The movie was about the Olympics, The beginning of the video was showing  people supporting their country and cheering. As the video was nearly done teachers and children were laughing.

Mr J is like a back up principle when Mr Burt is gone to somewhere far or a meeting. since Mr Burt was gone Mr J had to say who's next and everything else Mr Burt usually says. It is now team 2’s turn to show us what they have made. Team 2 Had a movie about the Olympics to. They were dressed up and had funny looking.

It is now team 3’s turn, the teachers did a wicked performance dancing and acting. Mrs barks was the talking person.Now its Team 4’s turn, they also did a movie. They were dressed up as they’re colors from their country’s. The star of the movie was the jamaican guy.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Aussie rules is another name for AFL. AFL originates in Melbourn.
AFL is named from Australians and The first match was played in the year 1858 and has now spreaded as a common sport in most nations such as New Zealand.

This term class 2 has AFL sessions, today was our last session but we still had fun. Each week we learn different skills to play AFL like the punt, passes, handball and kicks. Today Tim was our instructor and he taught us some skills that we know and a few we don't know.

In the real AFL if you get the ball through the middle goal post you get 6 points(for children you'll get 2 points). What are the positions?Each AFL team starts a match with 18 players on the oval, and four interchange players on the bench, who can be changed as many times as desired.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What Is echolocation?

What Is echolocation? Echolocation is something that non humans can use to see. Also echolocation is when you make a sound with your mouth and clicking with your mouth or fingers.  Bats use echolocation to navigate and find food in the dark. Echolocation is the use of sound waves and echoes to determine where objects are in space.

Bats send out sound waves from their mouth or nose. When the sound hits an object it produces an echo. Toothed whales can send ultrasounds that cannot be heard by humans to catch their prey. The other animals that use echolocation produce sounds that are audible to humans.

Ben Underwood was blind, but he was able to move around using echolocation. He was blind at the age of three. He has good hearing and is incredible with his movement. Ben Underwood had a habit of using echolocation. To use echolocation he made little clicking sounds with his mouth and also he clicks with his fingers to find his way around.

He is the only boy in the world thats blind but could do things normally. He can ride a bike, he can play basketball, he can surf.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Is a mobile phone?

What Is a mobile phone?

There are different types of mobile phones, touch screen, button phones and much more. There are a variety of different sizes of phones and different brands. The device that I'm using Is a touch screen, the brand Is Alcatel one touch.

During the past few years I have been getting phones to have and try out. There mostly touch phones. What people usually do Is texting other people in their state or around the world. Its cool that you can ring any one but you must have credit to call and text. With no credite that means no calling and no texting.

What Is a Simcard?
An simcard Is small and lets you call and text people by topping It up. There are some names of simcards,Skinny, Vodafone, 2degrees, Telecom. I have a Vodafone sim which has different plans and different combos, 20$ top ups are interesting. With my top up It gives me unlimited texting, 300 mb and 20$ credit.

In Auckland there are places like The warehouse, warehouse stationery, Harvey Norman, Dicksmith, Trademe, noel leaming. Those are the places where you can get a phone or anything else.The brands I like are LG, Samsung, Alcatel.

The best brand Is usually the highest price like 990$, The phone I have been looking at Is Samsung s5. Its big, Its a good quality, It haves a front camera, And Its a new model. A mobile phone Is different to a pc(computer). On touch screen phones you can get heaps of apps and games. Its best to wait for specials to come on the t.v ads or look on the paper.   

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rugby Game

Suddenly I felt tired because I woke up early. Watching t.v I heard my dog bark so I looked outside and It Was My uncle(Anthony’s dad). So I had to wake up my dad and said to him uncles here. So they had a talk and My brother and I got to go to his house for a few hours. Luckily my cousins were there so were can play the arcade, The arcade was mixed with a windows 7 computer.

One of my cousins were being good and he got to go to skateland with the neighbours!. Well hes going to miss out on the rugby game, The rugby game is across the road from Carl's junior and also near the netball courts. The game starts at 3 pm so we left the house at 2pm. Were jus playing passes and kicks when we were waiting for the game to start.

As the time was up Anthony team was ready to play and tackle. The other team was kicking first, the crowd was cheering and all the family's were watching there Kids play. Its a good game and also there no chit chating about the other team. There all look the same hight but can tackle hard.

As the game was finishing up we left to get something to eat like spaghetti and mince.
I reckon It was a ruff game for Anthony's team and the other team they played. It was a fine sunny day for the rugby game I watched.