Wednesday, December 12, 2012


For christmas I would like to buy me some new shoes and some new clothing that would come with a new skateboard. But I would like to buy me a new ipad mini with a new case and some earphones. When it is christmas it is going to be a fun day for me.

food is yum but I would  like to eat heaps of cutted up roast pork and Lamb with vegetables for christmas eve. If it is a hot sunny day we might have a water fight. One thing about my little brother like roast pork on rice from the hot food shop in Panmure.

For Pudding I would like a big chocolate mud cake with vanilla ice cream. Plus some strawberries and chocolate dipping. I heard that strawberries are yummy and sweet to eat with out the green little leafs.

             Thank you to Faaiua for editing my writingd

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Texas Netbook Reflections 2013

Hi my name Is Texas,The things I like about my netbook is that it is better than using a book to write on, And one other thing is that I can post stuff on my blog and the whole world can see it.What I learn about is that we can do reading and maths and learning how to use it properly.

The things that frustrates is that my netbook turns off and it logs off any time. Som

\e other things frustrates me is that I have to to heap of different thing all the time. Once I turned my netbook and it was re-imaged.

What would make my netbook better would be a bigger version of our netbooks because our netbooks are small. Some other things is that we can upgrade our netbooks, And we can add other stuff to my netbook.

Two years ago we had to write on our books. But now by science in 2011 we have special netbooks so we can do writing and heaps of others stuff from around the world. I like my netbook because I learn heaps on it.