Friday, November 30, 2012

Camp Day 1

On Tuesday the year  6’s went to school for a meeting before we go to Camp Bentzon ,Mr Burt told us to put all the suitcases into the bus’s. I waved to my dad, mum and my two brothers when I went passed them. I was cold Because I was sitting next to a window with heaps of wind.

I was sitting  next to Logan when we were on the way Kauwa island. Me and Isara Saw a Crashed blue BMW down the cliff.
Then we were talking to Jarred Because we thought that he wasn't a new zealander but he was. The funny thing about him was that he can speak Spanish.

We got to Sandspit and had some morning tea while the teachers put our suitcases in the ferry Boat. We got on the Ferry Boat and I sat on the top so I can Feel the breeze . We went passed a little small kind of  island.

We saw houses when we were nearly there. So we saw a lady then we started to do the haka . We stopped  and got out of the ferry and looked at the place.

The teachers told us to take the suitcases near the sliding door room ,and take the kitchen stuff to the kitchen. We had to sit in our lines so we can get points and  I was in Katz. Mr Jacob got ready to go to put the rock on  the  tin  whey up the hill.

It was very hard walking up the hill so I grabbed a stick  and tried  and tried to go up the hill. We got there  and had a little bit to eat, Isara had a  speech for us. so we went back to our cabins to put our stuff away.

Everyone arrived  back and putted there suitcases away in their cabins. It was nearly dinner time so we  had to sit in our lines and wait for the teacher to call us.While we wait we just talk about what we are going to eat.

We ate  hamburgers  and it was yum, But  also some Corn cobs with hot chips. Our drink was water when we get thirsty all the time after eating. We finished and then brushed our teeth  before we go to sleep.

I was tied so I went to sleep and have to wake up early the next day.I heard something thing it was a wallabee.

Camp Video Two

Camp Video One

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Day Out

Planning: Characters: Me , Anthony, Sione, Taniela , Tame Hook and introduction. Where , what, why, who running off roofs, 2.afraid to jump. On Sunday Me and some friends went to town on our scooters. We left at 01:00 PM and got there at 01:30 PM, Why are we doing this is because we like doing it. We went on top of the Vodafone store and then we were Free running on to other roofs. Tame Said” Should we get a drink” and we said” yes lets get some” So we checked our wallets and we didn't know that we two hundred dollars in each wallet so I bought the drinks and each drink cost Five dollars each , the drink was called powerade. We got to the skate park and we were doing back flips off the wall but Anthony Hurt his arm by hitting the brick wall. Lucky I had plus kit with bandages and plasters. I got a message on my phone Saying you have to come home now for lunch so quickly put a plaster on his arm and trained back to G.I. I got there and my mum handed out the plates butter chicken. After that I washed my hands and had a sleep Because I was Exhausted from free running, So there I was having a nice sleep.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

scary day

one day on a sunny Halloween field trip there was a haunted house that has been there for over one hundred years. We arrived at 10:00 am and left at 9:30 am, So me and Lukis got out of the bus with the others from our class and look at the haunted house. There was someone peeking through the window with a mask that had blood over it. Lukis said”I made a mistake I opened the gate and there was a sign that said” Do not enter as you will have worst nightmares”.So there he was opening the gate but then He walked to the door dripping tears of sadness He said to me”If I die tell Justin Bieber I was his best fan ever. The Man opened the door and Lukis Said” what is your name “ and the man said” Freddy that is my name”.So Freddy chased our class with his chainsaw and everyone was screaming their heads off. Also Sarah stopped running and went face to face with Freddy and then Freddy chopped her head off and had some fun for the first day and went into his robot machine with heaps of bullets and chased after us. There was a Zombie in the bus eating the bus driver then we had the biggest fright ever, Eric got eaten and eat his brain first and turned him into a skeleton..Guess what Mr Marks had a bazooka and shoot the zombie into little bits of pieces. Mr Burt came With a huge bus with Heaps of guns that had heaps of ammo for us to shoot the zombies on the way to school. we got to school and the police had a big fence so we can go in and not the zombies. so there we were staying at school until the zombies die.