Friday, August 29, 2014

Why Kids Should Exercise Everyday

I believe that children should exercise every day so they are prepared for sports and activities. Being confident to step up to exercises is good because you can get better at running and competing in sports. I think children should run every day so they can achieve at running or achieve to compete in sports and activities.

In our country New Zealand some school kids have been focusing on becoming an athlete by practicing and practicing. Kids that don't try to do exercises and runs are causing themselves to become lazy.

Every single day many people around the world do exercises.
Our school Pt England has been focusing on cross country. Cross country is a big run around the school or around the area. Every day the yr 7 & 8’s run to the Pt England reserve and back. wWe usually do 1 or 2 laps.

Children try their best to play activities and sports but some of them come last because they don’t exercise and practice. To become better at sports you have always got to practice. Children that exercise every day keep on improving their fitness and health.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why Is Taking Care Of Your Mind And Body Is So Important?

Why Is taking care of your mind and body is so important? so we can learn and do things properly. During rugby games our body can get bruised, hurt and injured. Taking care of our bodies is important. Why do we have a brain? The brain controls our arms, legs, fingers and some more of our body parts. It Is very important to eat breakfast otherwise our brain isn’t gonna work  properly enough.

If there Is something hard and you haven’t tried before you can think and have a try, its alright if you get the answer wrong because you thought of something and you tried it out. Being cybersmart and helping one another when they're hurt or sad is a good thing because you're helping someone.

Drinking heaps of water and healthy food can make our bodies look strong, nice and good looking. Having bruises and sores around your body can make you look different than before. But we are lucky to have medicine’s and creams that can take away the bruises and sores.

The brain is the main system where we can save memories, thought, ideas, and answers to anything. If you are a very busy person and you got heaps of jobs and you're struggling your brain might feel tired and it needs to rest. To keep your mind ready and focused you got to make sure you're not thinking of something else but things you have to do.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education Van

Lynn and Harold have been traveling the world to have lessons with other schools and teach them more about our bodies. At life Education the intermediate block have been learning about drugs and alcohol and how it affects our human body. Once a week we have been watching examples about how drugs and alcohol can affect us and how people lost their friends over it.
During The first session we were watching some examples about drugs and alcohol. after the examples that we watched we had a talk about what happen and what the adults and children did wrong.

Drugs can be helpful for some people but drugs can also make adults and children feel different. There were a much more drugs that weed , There is cocaine(crack) pills, cannabis and meth. Pills can be very dangerous and harmful. This weeks session was about drugs and we also got to know about what alcohol can do when we drink it.

Watching one out of six examples there was a boy called James that was a great athlete. One night he went to a party and done something very bad. He had drunk a whole bottle of vodka which is a type of spirit drink. His friends thought he was sleeping but the next morning he was dead. He looked like a good boy but tried to do what his friends were doing.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lest We Forget

On Monday the 4th of august we had a short assembly to remember the people that died and lived. Mr Burt the principal has told us a few things about world war 1. John Key the prime minister has told all the schools in NZ(New Zealand)to have a short assembly to remember the brave men that went to war, some have came back and some have died, the prime minister also told the schools to raise the NZ flag.

Mr Burt’s grand dad was really brave to fight for NZ. June 28 in 1914 Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia were in a car but then Franz Ferdinand got shot by a guy that they haven't seen before.It can be sad for the people that died but at least we don’t have to go through it.   


Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth country

* Location: Samoa
* Population: 188,889 people
* Culture and language: english,samoan,
* Popular sport?Rugby, boxing, swimming,netball, weight lifting and running.
* Flag:blue, red and white, the five stars
* Teams competing in the Commonwealth Games

Samoa is part of 71 countries that is participating in the Commonwealth Games. Samoa is located in the Pacific Ocean. Did you know that 188,889 people live in Samoa! The languages that are spoken in Samoa is English and Samoan.

The most popular sports in Samoa is rugby, boxing, swimming, netball, weightlifting and running. One of the traditional games that they play in Samoa is called taulafoga. During the Commonwealth games Samoa has one gold,silver and bronze medals.

The Samoa flag has five white coloured stars. The colour blue is said to represent freedom. Red is representative of courage, as well as being a traditional Samoan color.