Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Disadvantage Body

Guess what room 15 did on Monday?
We were doing activities with out our leg or without our arm. The strange thing will be without our
arm because we wouldn’t run properly. We had to wear are band around our waist.

Mr Marks took us to the court and did activities that we challenged. The first activity was running to the running line and back. The awkward  thing was that we had to run with our left arm and the right arm was inside the band next to my waist. When I was running it felt weird because I couldn’t run properly.

This time we had to run with our other arm to the end of the line and back. I was running, it felt better than the other arm that i was running with because that arm hurt my hand when i was running. Mr Marks thought that we looked hilarious when we were running but no.

The next activity was chucking the softball throw. Lukis was first  and i was second. Mr said you can throw it then wait to get your ball, then Lukis went he was running with one arm and the other arm beside him.
It was my turn Mr Marks told me that i had to stand on one leg then throw the ball
and i did it i went to get the ball and come back. Mr Marks told us and said” was that great’ and we said’ yes’.so we got our stuff and headed back to class.

We went back to class before the bell rings.The bell rang Then we went back home to have a rest    

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Five A-side Foot Ball

In Five A-side football the football players are blind so they were blindfolded, But the goalkeeper had vision so he can catch the ball. The football players had incredible moves when they were controlling the ball .As one of the players got the goal he kicked it fast and the goalkeeper missed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


In the Paralympics people have body parts that were amputated.
In the 200m sprint one off their legs were amputated so they had  a curved blade and the other one was normal. Some people start off with their legs side to side then they run faster.
At the finish line people trip over because they can’t balance properly.