Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why do we need to sleep?

Why do we need to sleep?

So we can rest our bodies for the next day and especially If you just finished events like athletics or you had a hard day at work. It is important to go sleep early so our brain is turned on the next day. At Pt England School(P.E.S) some of the students in my class are tired because they usually stay up late.

Why do we need to sleep? teenagers need about 9 hours on average. For most adults, 7 to 8 hours a night appears to be the best amount of sleep. Although some people may need as few as 5 hours or as many as 10 hours of sleep each day.

Sleep gives your body a rest and allows It to prepare for the next day. Sleeping also gives your brain a chance to sort things out for the next day. If you are told to go sleep by your parents you should because what will happen If you Ignore them.

If an adult gets fired its because they would of not had enough sleep. Adults that are late for work can be fired or their boss can give them a few chances. Some adults and teenagers have habits of coming late to work because what if they had to do something for a friend or their family or drop their kids off at school .

Friday, November 7, 2014

Yr 8 Camp

                              Camp was awesome!!!

During the weekends I got my gear ready for the next day. On the way to school I was feeling excited for camp because I'm gonna be far away from Auckland. As everyone arrived All the year 8’s had to meet up in the hall to see what groups there in. Each one of us had to at least help put the gear into the bus and then take a seat in the bus.

Siting way at the back of the bus I waved to mum as the bus slowly driven off.
Kicking back with the boys and playing on our phones felt good because I finally get a break from doing things.

Marsden is a peaceful place to live and also very quite. It was my first time going to Ruakaka especially camping there. I searched Ruakaka camp online and it showed heaps of fun things try out like the flying fox, water slide and even archery!.

We stopped at an unfamiliar place which I had no idea of. Everyone got off the bus and choose a spot to sit at. My friends and I were skimming rocks before we all go for a 1 hr  walk. Ooh man I heard we had to walk over to get to the other side. every one had to take of the shoes because the water is pretty deep.

My mates and I thought it would be safe but most of us were slipping and getting very muddy. (John) JK was helping the students that needed help and JK also helped me. I couldn't believe my good looking shoes are now dirty.

We all had a break on the side of the road and a few minutes later we all started walking towards the beach. It was about a 20 minutes walk to get to the beach. Yes! were there.
Everyone had a great time at the beach but we had to go. In the bus we usually sing a song then every sings.

We are finally at camp!. The first thing we did was packing our gear into the our cabins and then everyone lined up to see what were doing. The people In my cabin are Frankie, Logan, Antonio, Lukis and I.

Day 2:
Early In the morning my feet were freezing like If I was In a freezer. Mrs Nua told all the boys to follow her to the big huge field. I was surprised that we had to do 2 laps of jogging around the whole field. After breakfast we had activates and the first one was archery. My turn was after Howard and I Was confused that I might miss the target but when it was my turn after my fourth arrow I finally got the bullseye!!. It was Jorja's turn and she was doing good, It was supposed to be my turn after her but she lost one of  the arrows.

After lunch we had lunch we had free time. Antonio and I went to play volleyball in the rain. The rain killed the games because It was getting slippery and dangerous. I had just stepped In the dining room and all I heard was was thunder and lightning that struck my eye.

Day 3:
Real early in the morning Isara came into our room so we got up, but then we quickly ran back into bed because one of the adults were coming. I checked the time on my phone and it was only 3:00am!!. I closed my eyes and rested until 7:00.

Half an hour after morning tea my group Ruakaka B headed down towards the kayaks at this little area with heaps of water. Mrs Samuels showed us some techniques before entering the kayak. Antonio, Neo and I were versing each other at how fast we can go.

Tonight were are gonna watch a movie and I think Its "Here comes the boom". Of cause It gonna be here come's the boom because Isara and I told Mrs Nua If she can please please play it tonight. 
After a few games at night everyone gathered up with there pillows and blankets and enjoyed the movie as It starts. Is was a good entertaining movie.

Day 4:

Today Is the last day for all of us yr 8's and helpers. Mrs V Our leader was giving everyone a duty's to do and our duty's were to clean the toilets. Antonio and I cleaned the adults toilets and the rest of the boys the other toilets. After every one did there duty's we all gathered up on the deck and group by group went to get there morning tea and lunch. When every one got there food the boys took a group photo.

 In the bus I herd It was gonna be long until we arrive to Wai wera. It was a silent bus ride because some of the teachers were sleepy. Lorenzo and I were just at the back of the bus thinking of what water slide were gonna go on.

Yes were there and everyone got of the bus and had a stretch. We got changed into togs and got half an hour of doing anything. The first thing I went on was the speed slide then the twist slide. I have been here a few times but It Is still the same.

Oh man we on our way back to Auckland. At least all of us had a great time. Some of my highlights were having fun with my mates and having a great time.

Thank you Mrs Nua for this great opportunity.