Monday, March 31, 2014

Swimarama Pools

I got some good news that I am aloud to go somewhere with my friends. My friends and I travelled to the pools to have a swim, As we walked In some of us had enough money to get a slide band. I was surprised that the water slide closes at 4:00PM, Even though we arrived at 1:00PM. All of my mates got shouted to get a band each from an old man. I usually See this Old man every Sunday.

The warm pool was relaxing and quiet, But too much noise. As It was getting noisier my friends and I went to the slide. Blazing down the watery slide one at a time The bumps were smashing my back and leaving a red mark. Meeting one of my old mates, Lorenzo was a  pleasure to play with. One of the life guards said” Today is the last day for the outside cold pool”.

I don’t think The cold pool is going to be down until next summer. As I went on the slide this time some of my mates went behind me at the same time then we got a warning when went came down. The best thing I done so far was speeding down the slide.

The music that was playing out side was girly songs that none of the boys liked. So I played mine as loud as I want. Logan, Lukis, Isiah, Frankie, Lorenzo and I decided  to go down at once, All I can hear was screaming and a unlikely noise behind me.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sports At Tamaki College

Sports at Tamaki!!

Tamaki college has invited three Classes from pt England to play sports with them. Tamaki college is located in Glen Innes in Auckland. Maori and polynesian student are mostly like to go to Tamaki college. Its good also to lose weight, avoid diabetes and to get healthier. it is held behind the Recreation centre, when we met the breakers we went there. Students at Tamaki always see us playing outside, while there inside.
Why do we go to Tamaki college for? We go there to get fit and learn new activities. participating at Tamaki is cool because we get a break from class like maths, Writing and literacy. We go Tamaki every Friday for sports. Its good for Fitness and having fun with your friends and exercising and getting out of the classroom.

After morning tea we headed down to Tamaki college for sports. It was a pleasure to play with any one but not everyone .first, we split into 7 groups of 10, and then we got sent to different activities. We got a variety of activities Like the High Jump, Obstacle course, Chain tag and Trust fall. My favourite activity that I've experienced is the rope jump. We split up Into two groups, Then we have to help every one over before five minutes.

In my group The tutors are (boys) there year 12’s. The activity was the rope jump, The rope jump is like high jump but there is not a mat to land on. It was a fun activity that I have experienced so far. Last weeks activity was the trust fall, The trust fall was an unbelievable activity.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

What Is a Cyclone? A cyclone Is like a Tornado but a bit different. Strong winds and heavy rains are part of what happens during a cyclone. I heard there was a cyclone that hit Auckland this weekend but it was not as severe as expected. There was only Heavy rain and heavy winds. It happen last weekend that was on Saturday and Sunday.

After school the wind was not as strong but the wind started to pick up. As I was sleeping 2:00 clock in the morning I seen Lot’s of debris through my window that was carrying around heaps of rubbish.

In the city the waves are higher than before. Boats are moving unexpectedly but I can't believe that people are jumping or the wolf. I really thought there will be trees flying, Cars moving and a debris of junk.

In the city the waves were outrages and coming onto land underground parking was full of water. It was crazy I saw lot’s of surfer out on the beach catching the waves surfing along on the beach. It was out of hand we had to stay in side. most hour the rain and winds would stop and then continue raining and blowing heavy winds.

Cyclone Lusi makes a very huge mess that bust things unusually.   After the cyclone was gone the rain, winds and clouds disappeared and t like nothing had ever happened. Cyclone Lusi was not as severe as it was said on the news. Now the cyclone has moved on to the south island living broken trees, houses and cars.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Soft Ball Tournament

Guess what happen  this week?

Yesterday was a tournament for soft ball,Each year we have sports and during sports we challenge schools or play against them. Yesterday was very hard and interesting day. We had to come to school before 7:45AM so we don't get there late. The area we are playing at is the (Auckland domain).

We arrived with all our gear and a few other things. All the teams gathered up to see who Is challenging who. First we played against Panmure district (year 8 boys). Our team were fielding first, I was an middle outfielder. Frankie was a pitcher for our team, Frankie pitched and the batter got a strike.

At the end of the day All the teams gathered up to see what they came, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Our team came second for the year 8 boys and the b team came 10th. The year 7’s came 3rd for the tournament but none of us made it to the cmaps.  


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sketch Up Design


I have made an design on sketch up, The design I made is like a robot or iron man sort of. I made this during my free time which is after lunch. Sketch up is really interesting because you can make awesome designs like this one.