Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Cross Country!, Wow we had a great day at school.

Hot and warm I felt the breeze coming straight past me. A few seconds, get ready, set, go I was jogging with a steady pace as my feet were smashing the ground with the mud rising up to my legs.The crowd cheers our names out,Go Texas you can do it,Go,Go,Go.

Oh no my feet sunk in the mud,smack,smack I lifted up my legs so I can catch up to the others.Hi five to one of the college boys, Shayne ran as fast as he can to slide on his stomach.Well he really did it I thought he wasn't going to.

Cool TJ you can do it said"Ms King" so yea I was catching my breath and had a chance to run in the puddle.Woo who Its time for my second lap,Oh man another lap I was exhausted.Hi said" one of my Aunty's,come on Shayne lets jog properly.Jogging with Shayne we were going to run and we did.

Mr Barks was looking after Grace and I thought she was faking it,but she wasn't so she got sent home.
Run,Run the boys were fast like Starford and some others.Oh what the others have went to class except the year 7&8's.

I am so proud that I ran Past the finish line,I was so thirsty.