Friday, February 22, 2013


standing in a line I was catching my breath as i was next. Furiously My friend passed me a medium sized ball and tried running to the try line.Guess what i passed the ball to my friend and he was happy because he scored a try.At the end we were exzuasted and tied.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My goal

My learning goal in this classroom  for this term is to achieve at writing better, and adding detail.
To achieve my goal I have to listen to the teacher and add as much effective paragraphs with juicy words.   .

Bio poem

Texas Doctor
Child of Dana and Tex
Who loves playing league.
Who hates doing things for someone else at home.
Who wants to play a game.
Who wishes he could’ve met someone like Chris brown .
Who is scared of snakes and big heights.
Who dreams of being the man.
Who is determined to achieve heaps of new goals .
Who values of getting fit.
Who is proud of learning.
Who wants to graduated from primary in 2014.
Who lives down Hobson Street.
Texas Doctor