Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Punch Hero


  Punch Hero

Punch hero Is an app on the playstore. It Is mostly played on pc (computers) or mobile touch phones. It doesn't take heaps of space If you download It. Its an entertaining game but remember Its just a game nothing real Its just a game.

When you click the game or open It you will decide to play arcade mode, zombie mode or amateur league. You can upgrade your punches buy winning rounds to collect cash or gold coins. Cash Is hard to get because you usually have to win the championship round.

If you're like me and I have upgrades my Punches, my jabs and my uppercut moves It will be easy to verse that other your playing. I got Into this game today this year because a student In my class called”Antonio” showed me It, so I got the app on my phone and started get use to It.

If you have played street fighter before you will understand how to play.  Jabs are the weakest punch, but they’re also the quickest. It's easy to get caught by quicker hooks (like Straight punches) for critical damage when spamming jabs.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Te Tuhi Trip

This morning we had a great experience at the Te Tuhi art gallery in Pakuranga. The reason why we went there was because our theme Is “Art Attack”. As we arrived to the Te Tuhi art gallery  Jeremy was our instructor just for the morning. Jeremy showed us a few things about the art on the walls before he introduced his friend “Luisa”.

We had time to ask him questions during the first block of time when we were in the art room. When were looking and feeling the examples of tapa designs he asked us what it does it feel like to me, everyone on our table said”It felt like nam bread”.

Step by step Jeremy had told us to draw 4 things thats got to do with family, interest, home and culture. For my interest I drawn a rugby ball but it looked like a football. There were many ideas about culture but I had to choose 1, It was the mana flag. It was pretty hard to focus on Jeremy

It was that time we were finishing off the last block. We looked at water and dams, did you know New Zealand can hold heaps of water with any old dam. Jeremy took us back near the Te Tuhi center on the ground. We all said our thank you’s and goodbyes as we walked out of entrance.