Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My First day at school

Title:Texas-First day at school

Putting on my bright black and red uniform I brushed my hair as I walked outside to the car.Clicking my belt off I started to walk to class,waving by to my mum I knocked on the door twice. I thought there were going to be a load of children but wait one steep and there I was smiling at the teacher as she was taking me to the chair.

As the teacher passed me the book someone had helped me but who I forgot.Yes “ring ring the loud noise,i got my morning tea and sat next to my friend.There went the bell I went inside and the teacher went and gave me an activity to do.I’d had to do so much work for the first day.

There I went home early,so tired  i’d hardly walk but tomorrow I can.       

Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon in the Phillippines

 There has been a huge destructive Typhoon, that hit the Phillippines, around 300 people are dead. If this number is correct it will become the country’s deadliest recorded natural disaster. The rescue teams are heading in to the parts of the Phillippines that need help and people are waiting to be saved.

Meanwhile,  the central part of the Phillippines in Samar Island a reporter says that another 300 people have been confirmed dead by the Typhoon. In the Phillippines, Experts think that death toll may rise up to 10,000 people. Buildings have been destroyed, Streets have been underwater and many Landslides has happened. New Zealand people were so sorry for the Filipinos and they were quick to sent $150,000 in aid into the Phillippines.