Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Texas Camp Cooking

Camp cooking,
At Camp cooking the boys went with Mrs fire- ray-win and the girls went with Mrs Gar-men.
First we got to get a bamboo stick And wait for Mrs fire-ray-win to put a little bit of water in the damper.In a line we got the damper and we were rotating around.
Sitting down putting the damper on the bamboo stick we sat down next to the fire .
Safely with the bamboo stick we did half way to the fire also in my group Jessey was the first one
to eat it with syrup.Finishing my damper i was the last one to finish,eating the damper it tasted yummy.Then we had marshmallows with biscuits and that was yummy to.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Texas Picnic

Last Friday we went to our school picnic, Walking through the pt England reserve heap's of kids were wandering around the field.Teacher's were taking pictures of children half way there.

Finally sitting on the grass waiting for Mr Burt’s speech Mr Marlow was handing out some clouts so we can sit on them.Listening to Mr Burt speech he was talking about the new beach how the builders build it.Walking to the tree we put our bags on the clout and then went to go play.

Playing on the sand i was running on a little bit of water .Running through the water were different shaped rocks , Walking on the sand i went back to the tree to have some lunch.

After lunch I played tee-ball and got a few home runs and then had a rest because i got tired.
Having a rest my mum came by with my little brother and some more lunch but with sailed with it.
Having sailed sandwiches i got full because i had to much.

Waiting for my mum to ask the teacher that i was leaving early.So we we went home to have a rest.Resting on the bed i was still tired.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Texas Blind Folded

Today we went to the hall to play a sport.Arriving at the the hall funny things were there.Mr Marks told us to get a partner.My partner was Henry,Me and Henry were first up to do this test thing.

Mr Marks putted on Henry a blindfold then we started.I told Henry to go on this wood thing and he balanced on it.Going on to the next thing Henry was holding my shoulder going frow the ropes because it was slippery.

Going over the beans and through the hol-a-hop the hard thing was going through the cones.
Arriving on the stage i thought i was gonna fall off.Taking off the blindfold i had sore eyes.
Going back to class we did some interesting words about the obstacle.