Friday, February 28, 2014

My ThankYou Letter To Mr Alai

Pt England School                                           
130 Pt England Road
Pt England

Monday 24th February 2014
ph: (09) 527-6237

Dear Mr Alai,

Thanks Mr Alai for coming along to our school picnic. If you had not come, our class wouldn’t of went because we would of stayed back at school. We would have to think of something else to do.

Before every picnic we usually have a team assembly to see If everyone Is here and if they have everything to bring. Sunscreen is the first thing that we have to put on our face. Carrying the gear  to the reserve.  

I really liked playing softball with Mr S, And Ms V and also the boys.That was a very nice day to play outside and kick back with the mates. Chilling and having fun I got to rest and listen to music while everyone was playing.
Our class enjoyed playing games, Having a swim and hopefully you enjoyed the day with our class. Our class was very happy to have you as a helper. It was a pleasure to have you, Ms Erick, and James come and help our class.

Thank you so much for coming

Kind regards 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Is A netbook?


what is a netbook and how do we use it?

It Is a learning tool that we can learn like maths , Reading  and also writing. This device is a very helpful thing that now we don't have to write in books or anything else. This type of computer is a mini version  of all the big computers.

what kind of parts Is on the netbook is? Screen, Built in camera, Battery , Keypad, Usb port, Mouse, Built in speakers, On/off button, Touch pad , The  Hinges keeps the netbook stable.

How it works?This is just the same as a  laptop  but the netbook is a mini version. In The yr 7 & 8 block we use this to help with our learning. The best thing about an netbook is that we can chat, Skype, Facebook, Email, Youtube and google search to search things.

Extra details?

If there Is a problem with the netbook there is one thing you can insert, An reimaging stick that can delete or wipe every off your netbook. Make sure that you don't use an imaging stick every day because your netbook will have many problems

Friday, February 14, 2014

Guess What happened at today's assembly?

Guess what happened at today Assembly?

This morning we lined up for our school assembly. The year 7 & 8’s had done the prayer for this morning. Mr Burt our principal played the guitar while everyone sang the national anthem. Wyatt Had said his mihi about him that he learnt from one of our Maori teacher’s.

The music teacher had made a little group that had some awesome dance moves. An video had popped up on the projector of that group and a bit of teachers. There were some pretty impressive dance moves.

Mele,Gloria,Levi,Tyler,hope and Neo walked up on the stage to performed a hip hop dance for Pt England and also the camera’s were out to see what they done. It was  Very loud but an great start off for today.

Four lovely women had came to our school to present a Samoan dance. They had told our school some moves that goes with the dancing that they showed us. As the four lovely Ladies finished we started our Duffy awards,These awards go out  kids that do good things.

Our school sports teacher had two posters to give away but you have to get the right answer. House captains had gotten their badges and also the prefects. As Mr Burt finish shaking hands he gave out a few kids awards, When little kids start at this school they get an award.      

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What does Empathy Mean?

Caring,feelings,emotion,friendship,understanding,looking out for each other ,worrying ,experiencing

Empathy is the ability to share  each others feelings. Empathy is to understand the experience’s or emotions of another person. What does it mean to me? Caring for each other when they need help and also when something is difficult for them, understanding how they feel.

For an example If I were sad or unhappy what would you do to make me feel  happy? Well someone might  be talking about it and sharing each others feelings, or they can feel and understand what is happening to me.

People worry about each other if they’re  sad  or not feeling well. Just to be sure people can see what you can see. If you meet someone new and they aren't feeling well but you can’t understand try to communicate with them.

I can experience new things like signing up for sports, playing a new type of game.Its a good opportunity to sign up for something that you haven't tried.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What do the 3p's mean

What are the  3P's and what do they mean?

1.What does protection mean?
Well safety is what we need for looking after each other and everything else.The activity of protecting someone or something. It also means the condition of being protected by one another.

2.What does partnership mean?
A relationship between people or groups who agree to share responsibilities for achieving some specific goals. Also a contract between two or more people people that agree to pool talent and money, sharing things. Team up with another.

3.what does participation mean?
Participating in a sport or a team. People can also join in a group. Signing up and volunteering.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holiday highlights

During the holidays I’d go to the pools.
me and my brother were very exitedto go on the waterslide. The speed slide was just great getting to the end with a huge splash. My brothers highlight would of been having a happy day and trying the spa pool, wiremu said “it was very hot “. An arcade strucked my eye so I’d have a game,Crane game,I was so close by picking up the ball.

I felt grateful for going to this pool.Our lunch was very tasty and sweet, Sausages, pork chops, garlic bread. Well me and my brother enjoyed the speed slide and all but there was one more thing,The movie pool.It was an relaxing pool that had a huge screen in front,The movie was “ The Lion king” .

The pools that I went to was called”waiwera”the best pools I've been to so far.Off we went back home to have a rest.The best highlight of the day is to remember the fun I had and speeding down the slide.