Friday, August 31, 2012

Soccer Picture

                                This is a picture of me as the golly catching the ball.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cross Country

Guess what the school did last friday?We did Cross country.     

Heaps of people were wearing their house colours to school so as me.Cross country started at 12:30, so in the morning we had assembly  Mr burt called out the house captains then we did duffy certificates. the the past libraries

After that the Assembly finished and we went back to class and got changed into our house colour cloths and had lunch, The bell rang we had to sit on the ground and wait for Mrs Garden to take the eleven year olds to the pt england reserve.

Waiting at the slippery start  line was I was  jostling for position. I thought I might come 10th but i don’t know yet.. On your marks get set go”Mr Burt snapped with his wooden thing. I Conserve my energy jogging with a steady pace. When I was jogging  my feet was killing me and then i started to slow down.

When I was jogging i went past a man and he was cheering for us to keep on running so i tried my hardest to run. I courted up to Shayne we were running on the muddy track it smells smelly.
Me and Shayne were hearing the school cheering for others so we were running as fast as we can.

We saw Mrs Squires saying” you're nearly there just keep on going boys” so me and shayne were running over the heavy mud puddles and Guess what my brother Wiremu lost,He lost both of his shoes in the heavy mud puddles and me and Shayne were laughing . I  was running near the finish line i saw Ata and Laita then i ran past them and into the finish line.

I saw my nana and my brother  my nana took a picture of us two then she went back home. Me and wiremu washing the mud off our legs and watched the little kids go through the finished line.

I felt exhausted from the big run because we had to run all the way from the reserve to PT England.The part i like wasn when we were at the beginning

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot Sausages

Guess what room 15 did on Tuesday? We Had a barbeque and we had to bring one dollar.

Nearly the whole class got one sausage for free because there gonna bring their money tomorrow.
Mr Marks brought to school  some sharp Knifes , aboard to cut the onions, tomato sauce,
bbq sauce, souvenirs,bbq that was most of the stuff he brought.

What Mr marks did was telling  some people to cut up the onions.Someone like Mele cried when she was cutting the onions and then people laughed and her to.Mr Marks didn ‘t cry when he was cutting  the onions becausehe was tall.

Mr Marks got the bbq out and turned it on then put the sausages on.He was  grilling the sausages and when i look at them they looked yummy and crispy. the bell rang we went to play.we had ICT
and music ,the whole class stayed  and the girls had to go on the computer and the boys were on their netbooks.

After music we went back to class and have hot sausages.The sausages looked tasty and yummy
when i had it in my hand.I eat it with tomato sauce and it tasted delicious and yummy.
I was finishing off the hot sausage and it was good.          

Friday, August 10, 2012

Imaginary Monsters

One day it was 3:00 pm and the circus opened.A clown took a man and showed him the tiger in the cage ,after that he let it out and the tiger jumped through the fired rings.The clown took the tiger into the cage and he called his son chuck ,So guess what They chopped his head off and called dinner.So they had dinner and the story finished.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cross Country

Every week we do cross country training,What we do is go around the school and Run down to the car parking at the  Pt England reserve and go around Mr S,
And On the way back you walk around the court and then you will hear Mrs Garden say “come in” then everyone comes in.

What we do is an exercise to warm us up from the big run. Some people get in trouble because they keep on talking and not listening . We sit on the ground because we get magic minutes .Then the bell rings  and we go home .

The day came It was after lunch we did maths then we walked  on to the court and got ready to run. There goes the year 6 girls,off they run then the year 5 boys go and off they go ,then the year 5 girls go ,Now it was us the year 6 boys then we went running to Mr S. Going behind Mr S and running back to the school now I have to run around the school that was hurting my foot so i walked .

walked around the court then I heard Mrs Garden say “come in” so there we go to do the warm up .It took for ages because there were naughty kids that weren't  listening .The bell rang  we went back to class to get our bags and go home .