Wednesday, December 12, 2012


For christmas I would like to buy me some new shoes and some new clothing that would come with a new skateboard. But I would like to buy me a new ipad mini with a new case and some earphones. When it is christmas it is going to be a fun day for me.

food is yum but I would  like to eat heaps of cutted up roast pork and Lamb with vegetables for christmas eve. If it is a hot sunny day we might have a water fight. One thing about my little brother like roast pork on rice from the hot food shop in Panmure.

For Pudding I would like a big chocolate mud cake with vanilla ice cream. Plus some strawberries and chocolate dipping. I heard that strawberries are yummy and sweet to eat with out the green little leafs.

             Thank you to Faaiua for editing my writingd

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Texas Netbook Reflections 2013

Hi my name Is Texas,The things I like about my netbook is that it is better than using a book to write on, And one other thing is that I can post stuff on my blog and the whole world can see it.What I learn about is that we can do reading and maths and learning how to use it properly.

The things that frustrates is that my netbook turns off and it logs off any time. Som

\e other things frustrates me is that I have to to heap of different thing all the time. Once I turned my netbook and it was re-imaged.

What would make my netbook better would be a bigger version of our netbooks because our netbooks are small. Some other things is that we can upgrade our netbooks, And we can add other stuff to my netbook.

Two years ago we had to write on our books. But now by science in 2011 we have special netbooks so we can do writing and heaps of others stuff from around the world. I like my netbook because I learn heaps on it.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Camp Day 1

On Tuesday the year  6’s went to school for a meeting before we go to Camp Bentzon ,Mr Burt told us to put all the suitcases into the bus’s. I waved to my dad, mum and my two brothers when I went passed them. I was cold Because I was sitting next to a window with heaps of wind.

I was sitting  next to Logan when we were on the way Kauwa island. Me and Isara Saw a Crashed blue BMW down the cliff.
Then we were talking to Jarred Because we thought that he wasn't a new zealander but he was. The funny thing about him was that he can speak Spanish.

We got to Sandspit and had some morning tea while the teachers put our suitcases in the ferry Boat. We got on the Ferry Boat and I sat on the top so I can Feel the breeze . We went passed a little small kind of  island.

We saw houses when we were nearly there. So we saw a lady then we started to do the haka . We stopped  and got out of the ferry and looked at the place.

The teachers told us to take the suitcases near the sliding door room ,and take the kitchen stuff to the kitchen. We had to sit in our lines so we can get points and  I was in Katz. Mr Jacob got ready to go to put the rock on  the  tin  whey up the hill.

It was very hard walking up the hill so I grabbed a stick  and tried  and tried to go up the hill. We got there  and had a little bit to eat, Isara had a  speech for us. so we went back to our cabins to put our stuff away.

Everyone arrived  back and putted there suitcases away in their cabins. It was nearly dinner time so we  had to sit in our lines and wait for the teacher to call us.While we wait we just talk about what we are going to eat.

We ate  hamburgers  and it was yum, But  also some Corn cobs with hot chips. Our drink was water when we get thirsty all the time after eating. We finished and then brushed our teeth  before we go to sleep.

I was tied so I went to sleep and have to wake up early the next day.I heard something thing it was a wallabee.

Camp Video Two

Camp Video One

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Day Out

Planning: Characters: Me , Anthony, Sione, Taniela , Tame Hook and introduction. Where , what, why, who running off roofs, 2.afraid to jump. On Sunday Me and some friends went to town on our scooters. We left at 01:00 PM and got there at 01:30 PM, Why are we doing this is because we like doing it. We went on top of the Vodafone store and then we were Free running on to other roofs. Tame Said” Should we get a drink” and we said” yes lets get some” So we checked our wallets and we didn't know that we two hundred dollars in each wallet so I bought the drinks and each drink cost Five dollars each , the drink was called powerade. We got to the skate park and we were doing back flips off the wall but Anthony Hurt his arm by hitting the brick wall. Lucky I had plus kit with bandages and plasters. I got a message on my phone Saying you have to come home now for lunch so quickly put a plaster on his arm and trained back to G.I. I got there and my mum handed out the plates butter chicken. After that I washed my hands and had a sleep Because I was Exhausted from free running, So there I was having a nice sleep.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

scary day

one day on a sunny Halloween field trip there was a haunted house that has been there for over one hundred years. We arrived at 10:00 am and left at 9:30 am, So me and Lukis got out of the bus with the others from our class and look at the haunted house. There was someone peeking through the window with a mask that had blood over it. Lukis said”I made a mistake I opened the gate and there was a sign that said” Do not enter as you will have worst nightmares”.So there he was opening the gate but then He walked to the door dripping tears of sadness He said to me”If I die tell Justin Bieber I was his best fan ever. The Man opened the door and Lukis Said” what is your name “ and the man said” Freddy that is my name”.So Freddy chased our class with his chainsaw and everyone was screaming their heads off. Also Sarah stopped running and went face to face with Freddy and then Freddy chopped her head off and had some fun for the first day and went into his robot machine with heaps of bullets and chased after us. There was a Zombie in the bus eating the bus driver then we had the biggest fright ever, Eric got eaten and eat his brain first and turned him into a skeleton..Guess what Mr Marks had a bazooka and shoot the zombie into little bits of pieces. Mr Burt came With a huge bus with Heaps of guns that had heaps of ammo for us to shoot the zombies on the way to school. we got to school and the police had a big fence so we can go in and not the zombies. so there we were staying at school until the zombies die.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The surprising story

Guess what, last friday Faaiua’s mum had a surprise? Faaiua was at the skatepark with his two friends called Henry and Vaifoa. At 10:00 am Faaiua’s mum bought fish and chips then Henry ate fish then rode his scooter. Vaifoa and Faaiua finished there fish and chips then rode there ripsticks.

Faaiua’s mum said  “I got a surprise for you”, then they were on the way for there surprise. Faaiua’s Mum had a question. “Guess what are we doing?” Faaiua said “are we going to a place to play” and Mum said “yes”. So they got there and Justin Bieber was there performing[Baby baby].

They were watching the performing of Justin Bieber and they were screaming out “you are my best singer”. Then Justin Bieber signed there t-shirts and the concert finished.They went on the fear fall, they sat on the chair and were on there way up. Faaiua’s mum took photos when they were coming down fast and screaming. The next ride was the bumping boats, Faaiua, Henry and Vaifoa  got soaked from bumping to each other.There was a  

Rainbows End finished so they went home for dinner. They were happy that they got Justin Bieber”s Signature. They got home and dad made butter chicken. They were eating and Faaiua told his  dad what he did today.

Faaiua and his friends felt tied from the big day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Disadvantage Body

Guess what room 15 did on Monday?
We were doing activities with out our leg or without our arm. The strange thing will be without our
arm because we wouldn’t run properly. We had to wear are band around our waist.

Mr Marks took us to the court and did activities that we challenged. The first activity was running to the running line and back. The awkward  thing was that we had to run with our left arm and the right arm was inside the band next to my waist. When I was running it felt weird because I couldn’t run properly.

This time we had to run with our other arm to the end of the line and back. I was running, it felt better than the other arm that i was running with because that arm hurt my hand when i was running. Mr Marks thought that we looked hilarious when we were running but no.

The next activity was chucking the softball throw. Lukis was first  and i was second. Mr said you can throw it then wait to get your ball, then Lukis went he was running with one arm and the other arm beside him.
It was my turn Mr Marks told me that i had to stand on one leg then throw the ball
and i did it i went to get the ball and come back. Mr Marks told us and said” was that great’ and we said’ yes’.so we got our stuff and headed back to class.

We went back to class before the bell rings.The bell rang Then we went back home to have a rest    

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Five A-side Foot Ball

In Five A-side football the football players are blind so they were blindfolded, But the goalkeeper had vision so he can catch the ball. The football players had incredible moves when they were controlling the ball .As one of the players got the goal he kicked it fast and the goalkeeper missed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


In the Paralympics people have body parts that were amputated.
In the 200m sprint one off their legs were amputated so they had  a curved blade and the other one was normal. Some people start off with their legs side to side then they run faster.
At the finish line people trip over because they can’t balance properly.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Soccer Picture

                                This is a picture of me as the golly catching the ball.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cross Country

Guess what the school did last friday?We did Cross country.     

Heaps of people were wearing their house colours to school so as me.Cross country started at 12:30, so in the morning we had assembly  Mr burt called out the house captains then we did duffy certificates. the the past libraries

After that the Assembly finished and we went back to class and got changed into our house colour cloths and had lunch, The bell rang we had to sit on the ground and wait for Mrs Garden to take the eleven year olds to the pt england reserve.

Waiting at the slippery start  line was I was  jostling for position. I thought I might come 10th but i don’t know yet.. On your marks get set go”Mr Burt snapped with his wooden thing. I Conserve my energy jogging with a steady pace. When I was jogging  my feet was killing me and then i started to slow down.

When I was jogging i went past a man and he was cheering for us to keep on running so i tried my hardest to run. I courted up to Shayne we were running on the muddy track it smells smelly.
Me and Shayne were hearing the school cheering for others so we were running as fast as we can.

We saw Mrs Squires saying” you're nearly there just keep on going boys” so me and shayne were running over the heavy mud puddles and Guess what my brother Wiremu lost,He lost both of his shoes in the heavy mud puddles and me and Shayne were laughing . I  was running near the finish line i saw Ata and Laita then i ran past them and into the finish line.

I saw my nana and my brother  my nana took a picture of us two then she went back home. Me and wiremu washing the mud off our legs and watched the little kids go through the finished line.

I felt exhausted from the big run because we had to run all the way from the reserve to PT England.The part i like wasn when we were at the beginning

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot Sausages

Guess what room 15 did on Tuesday? We Had a barbeque and we had to bring one dollar.

Nearly the whole class got one sausage for free because there gonna bring their money tomorrow.
Mr Marks brought to school  some sharp Knifes , aboard to cut the onions, tomato sauce,
bbq sauce, souvenirs,bbq that was most of the stuff he brought.

What Mr marks did was telling  some people to cut up the onions.Someone like Mele cried when she was cutting the onions and then people laughed and her to.Mr Marks didn ‘t cry when he was cutting  the onions becausehe was tall.

Mr Marks got the bbq out and turned it on then put the sausages on.He was  grilling the sausages and when i look at them they looked yummy and crispy. the bell rang we went to play.we had ICT
and music ,the whole class stayed  and the girls had to go on the computer and the boys were on their netbooks.

After music we went back to class and have hot sausages.The sausages looked tasty and yummy
when i had it in my hand.I eat it with tomato sauce and it tasted delicious and yummy.
I was finishing off the hot sausage and it was good.          

Friday, August 10, 2012

Imaginary Monsters

One day it was 3:00 pm and the circus opened.A clown took a man and showed him the tiger in the cage ,after that he let it out and the tiger jumped through the fired rings.The clown took the tiger into the cage and he called his son chuck ,So guess what They chopped his head off and called dinner.So they had dinner and the story finished.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cross Country

Every week we do cross country training,What we do is go around the school and Run down to the car parking at the  Pt England reserve and go around Mr S,
And On the way back you walk around the court and then you will hear Mrs Garden say “come in” then everyone comes in.

What we do is an exercise to warm us up from the big run. Some people get in trouble because they keep on talking and not listening . We sit on the ground because we get magic minutes .Then the bell rings  and we go home .

The day came It was after lunch we did maths then we walked  on to the court and got ready to run. There goes the year 6 girls,off they run then the year 5 boys go and off they go ,then the year 5 girls go ,Now it was us the year 6 boys then we went running to Mr S. Going behind Mr S and running back to the school now I have to run around the school that was hurting my foot so i walked .

walked around the court then I heard Mrs Garden say “come in” so there we go to do the warm up .It took for ages because there were naughty kids that weren't  listening .The bell rang  we went back to class to get our bags and go home .

Monday, July 30, 2012

Texas Art In Motion

On monday the 30th we went to the hall.First we did a warm up it was run to the wall and back then walk backwards back. Next we did run to the wall and come back and side step back and fords.we did a different warm up, it was running and getting into groups.We had to keep on running into groups and freeze .The last thing was teaching all the groups  our moves.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Torch Relay

Months before each olympic games a female performer
acting like a priest ignites the first torch relay. The last torch runner  carries  the torch to the host cities to light  the cauldron.

The olympic torch is brought to the olympic stadium. It is passed on and carried until it reaches the cauldron. The olympic games have started and then they begin.

Monday, July 23, 2012

On monday we did art in movement in motion .
1.Type in google search.
2.Click on sports.
3.look for some images.
4.Share with the teacher.
5.@10:00 we have to go to the hall.
At the hall we had a warm up it was sprinting to the wall and back.After that in our group we had to make a letter using our body.We learned heaps of movements and I had fun.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Olympic Symbols

This term our inquiry topic is the Olympic Games. We will be taking a close look at the London games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories of the Olympics, both past and present.

The Olympics symbol better  known as the olympic rings represent the unity of the five inhabited continents (Africa, Asia, America, Australasia,Europe). The coloured version of the blue, yellow, black, green and red and the white background forms the Olympic flag. Every continent had at least one colour of the symbols of their nation. The flag was created in 1914 and first raised in 1920.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Texas Piece Of Art

Room 15 went to the art gallery. We wandered around, then I saw this painting of cool  green sneakers that was my favourite piece of art. This picture was from Seini Minoneti from Room 20. When I saw that picture it looked cool as. I thought an artist had painted it.       


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alien Pet Shop

Characters:Texas, Wiremu,

Once a upon a time there was a boy name Texas.In the Mornning He travilled in his spaceship to mars to see what it was like there.He got a ‘fright’ when he looked behind a big huge rock because there were aliens  and those aliens take him to planet saturne.He got there ,he was in a cage.All the other aliens were looking at him when the alien were takeing him to the pet shop.Wiremu my brother travilled to save from the aliens at saturn.He broke in the pet shop and unlocked me from the cage,Then Texas and wiremu got in the space ship
And went back to earth.Happily ever after .

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clay Work Shop

Last Friday we went Youth Town.  We  went to the clay workshop . As we arrived in the workshop we had to sit on a set and putted on this dinner thing on.

Sue and Georgia were the ones that showed us what to do with the clay. First we had to drew on a piece of paper to see what are we putting on our clay. I was up to the clay part,I had a square and kebab stick with the square i had to line out the outlines.

With the outlines clay i had to had to put them on the sides of the square.For the picture I drew my name T.J and then i told the teacher that i was up to the glass part.The colours i used were pink, green, blue, and red.I Gave it to Sue  to put it away so i had to clean up my mess.      

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Texas Rugby League

On tuesday we had Rugby league games. We had to walk all the way from Pt England to Dunkirk and I was exhausted. We got there and there was about five different teams from schools.

The first game was Sylvia Park and six boys missed out included me. They started and Shayne had the ball he was running then he passed the ball to Lorenzo then he got tackled. Then Calvin passed the ball to Shayne then he got a try.

Silverpark had the ball and got a runaway when the boys were trying to tackle him. It was our turn with the rugby ball and Lorenzo got a try with out getting tackled.Then the boy from the other team got a try when Lorenzo, Shayne and Isara were holding him back. Then they finished.       

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter  who enjoyed painting the same subject, landscape or cityscape and different kind of days.He also coloured light.In the season his subject is captureing that moment in time with light coloured colour’s.

Monet Created his beautiful water garden at home in Giverny. And used it as his subject over and over again. He liked the way the water was constantly changing and moving.

The famous painting of the japanese bridge is showing an arched bridge with the pond underneath.The pond is surrounded with trees and shrubs. The pond changes light throughout the day.     

Friday, June 1, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a french painter along with his wife Sonia invented  the orphism art form . He uses vibrant and  contrasting colours in his work.He was also a poet writer that liked to use  geometric shapes.   

He like to use bright vibrant colours to bring his art to life . He represented the  bright colour and he often used shapes with it. he liked geometric shapes to.

In the left hand side he drew a large leaf plant with different coloured leaves . He has drawn the tall portuguese woman at work with  vibrant colours. And he will use circles in the center to represent the dishes .

This is my first attempt at doing of art in the stile of Robert Delaunay up the top.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Duck stuck

                                This is my Duck Stuck picture for my reading.
                                 The ducks head was stuck and the other animals were coming to
                                   see what was happening.So the duck could not get its head out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Texas Jackson Polliock

There was artest Jackson Pollock he was American and he also lived in America in New York city.
He was born on January 28th 1912 and he died in a car crash in August the 11th 1956.
He was one of a few American painters to be recognized during his lifetime.

He smoked a lot but it made him a good painter and he was drinking too!!!.
He was using a lot of contrasting colours and primary colours. He has a lot of paintings that he sell it when he was a very famous painter.

His name was Paul Jackson Pollock. He was using a lot of contrasting colours and primary colours.I think i liked Jackson Pollock painting.

The next day we did painting.I was flicking and dripping every were even on my shoes.
The best part was flicking and dripping by my self.

I told the teacher that i was finished and putted it back in side.  

Could Creatures Live With Out Rain

If rain doesn't come down the sea creatures will remain alive but the creatures on land would not survive when theres no rain. If there's no water for people they will die with no water for our oxygen.

The world won't live without plants and animals. The animals can’t live neither can plants grow without the rain. The deserts needs water and rain for the dry plants.

We need some rain for the animals because  they might die and not survive. The plants needs supplies to get water or rain so they could grow big. We had to survive with water to drink and stay alive. without rain we won’t grow crops or vegetables.

Some people get angry when it rains but it helps things grow and live. Farmers have cows and sheep to get milk and blankets. But some people were really happy of the rain so the crops can grow and people can drink. The city needs water to drink when they're at work. But some city gets really happy when it rains. There dams needs to keep full so there is enough water to drink.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On the first day of swimming  we were doing lessons  with one of the instructor’s. Gracefully getting into the water it was very warm. The instructor  told the group to do rocket arms without breathing to the end and back. Waiting in the line I was watching my friends going to the end and back. I was next I put up my rocket arms and took a deep breath and the instructor held me and pushed my leg to the end of the pool.

On the way back I furiously kicked my legs and rotated my arms. Next we had to listen to the instructor and he said  to rotate our  arms with the flutter boards.I was first I took a deep breath and kick my legs and rotated my arms.

Swimming back  the instructor told us to get changed. Waiting for the teacher Mr Marks we headed back to school and had lunch.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hi my name is Texas I am a year 6 in room 15.On the first day we did swimming lessons with the flutter boards.And that was the first of swimming .

Thursday, April 26, 2012

When it was the holidays, I went to Tauranga. On the way I felt hungry so we went to Subway. Finishing off the tasty sandwich I felt full. Then we got in the car and in a couple of minutes we were there.

Setting up the playstation we played singstar legends. When I sang I came first and then I passed it over to my uncle and he won the game. After the game we went to the park where we played on the hard surfboard with the spring under it. It was very hard to control the surfboard because it was going from side to side. The sun went down so we started to head home.

We had dinner which was spaghetti bolognese. It was yum. Finishing off the last piece I was full. Then I went to bed and watched tv. Watching the last part of the movie I went to sleep. The next day we went back to Auckland and went home.When we got home we put our stuff inside and had a rest.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Texas Camp Cooking

Camp cooking,
At Camp cooking the boys went with Mrs fire- ray-win and the girls went with Mrs Gar-men.
First we got to get a bamboo stick And wait for Mrs fire-ray-win to put a little bit of water in the damper.In a line we got the damper and we were rotating around.
Sitting down putting the damper on the bamboo stick we sat down next to the fire .
Safely with the bamboo stick we did half way to the fire also in my group Jessey was the first one
to eat it with syrup.Finishing my damper i was the last one to finish,eating the damper it tasted yummy.Then we had marshmallows with biscuits and that was yummy to.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Texas Picnic

Last Friday we went to our school picnic, Walking through the pt England reserve heap's of kids were wandering around the field.Teacher's were taking pictures of children half way there.

Finally sitting on the grass waiting for Mr Burt’s speech Mr Marlow was handing out some clouts so we can sit on them.Listening to Mr Burt speech he was talking about the new beach how the builders build it.Walking to the tree we put our bags on the clout and then went to go play.

Playing on the sand i was running on a little bit of water .Running through the water were different shaped rocks , Walking on the sand i went back to the tree to have some lunch.

After lunch I played tee-ball and got a few home runs and then had a rest because i got tired.
Having a rest my mum came by with my little brother and some more lunch but with sailed with it.
Having sailed sandwiches i got full because i had to much.

Waiting for my mum to ask the teacher that i was leaving early.So we we went home to have a rest.Resting on the bed i was still tired.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Texas Blind Folded

Today we went to the hall to play a sport.Arriving at the the hall funny things were there.Mr Marks told us to get a partner.My partner was Henry,Me and Henry were first up to do this test thing.

Mr Marks putted on Henry a blindfold then we started.I told Henry to go on this wood thing and he balanced on it.Going on to the next thing Henry was holding my shoulder going frow the ropes because it was slippery.

Going over the beans and through the hol-a-hop the hard thing was going through the cones.
Arriving on the stage i thought i was gonna fall off.Taking off the blindfold i had sore eyes.
Going back to class we did some interesting words about the obstacle.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Texas Screen shot

1.go to Google search and type in your image.

2.go to to images.

3.go to advance search on the clog wheel on to Only images labeled for reuse.

5.Select an image so your can take a screen shot.

6. Then you take a screen shot .

7.And then you will be finished taking a screen shot.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


A kiwifruit like mine was shaped like a fat eye ball.  On the outside it looked like a hairy green field with heaps of grass. On the sides were brown little ovals, i think that was the part that came off the tree.

Slowly cutting the kiwifruit in half i looked at the inside. Looking in side the kiwifruit there looked like there were ants on the outside next to the white part. Next to the was the skin sometimes I like the skin sometimes I don't like the skin.

Eating the kiwifruit it tasted sweet and a little bit sour. Then I ate the skin it didn't taste like nothing.
I thought it tasted sour. Eating the kiwifruit I just ate the  rest of the half then put in the bin.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

use youR W.I.T.S when you walk in a line
never givE up in sport
stoP think and do when your doing the wrong thing
wear it with pridE
Champions never give up
is iT kind, is it true, is it necessary

Friday, February 3, 2012

about me

Hi my name is Texas. I am in year 6 and also my class is a year 5 and 6 class. If we do good things good we get green cards into our little envelope, and the yellow card is for being silly a little bid, but the red card is for being really silly and if you get two you have to stay in with Mr Marks.

Coming back to school I never had a boy teacher before. At school some new people came into our class and i think some of them made friends. I like mostly playing on my net book like drawing and playing games.