Thursday, July 14, 2011


Guess where room 14 and room 13 went to. On Wednesday we went on our trip to Motat .We went to a class room where we ate in. We were all squished in.

Our first activity was the Tactile Dome. We went in and the instructor asked us some questions and told us some rules. When we took off our shoes he told us to choose 4 people to go into the Tactile Dome with. It was pitch black and I heard voices echoing next to me. Someone said, " Hold my hand! Hold my hand!" That sounded freaky. On my way out we sat on the ground putting on our shoes.

Next we went to play video games. I was playing street fighter with Paris. It was just the same as Superbowl. After that we went to play some of the car games but one had a broken steering wheel so it was too hard to control.

After that we went to the mirror maze and I saw Junior run into the wall. That was funny! I went through the mirror maze twice and the walls looked deceptive to me. I could see heaps of me in the reflections so it was hard to see where to go to get out.

Finally we went back to have lunch. We waited for a bit then went to the class room in the top floor. We looked at the lots of different inventions. The first one was the vacuum cleaner. We also looked at the old phones and cameras and an old typewriter. There was also a keyboard.

For our final activity we looked all around the rest of the museum. We went to the phone place. There were heaps of old phones. There were these phones where you could hear someone talking on the other side of the room.We went to the game place and I was playing in the earthquake cafe.The lights were turning off and on and it was shaking and shuddering.

At the end of the day we went back to the classroom before we went on the bus back to school. We had free time on our net books. It was a tiring day but it was I really enjoyed it.