Friday, October 19, 2012

The surprising story

Guess what, last friday Faaiua’s mum had a surprise? Faaiua was at the skatepark with his two friends called Henry and Vaifoa. At 10:00 am Faaiua’s mum bought fish and chips then Henry ate fish then rode his scooter. Vaifoa and Faaiua finished there fish and chips then rode there ripsticks.

Faaiua’s mum said  “I got a surprise for you”, then they were on the way for there surprise. Faaiua’s Mum had a question. “Guess what are we doing?” Faaiua said “are we going to a place to play” and Mum said “yes”. So they got there and Justin Bieber was there performing[Baby baby].

They were watching the performing of Justin Bieber and they were screaming out “you are my best singer”. Then Justin Bieber signed there t-shirts and the concert finished.They went on the fear fall, they sat on the chair and were on there way up. Faaiua’s mum took photos when they were coming down fast and screaming. The next ride was the bumping boats, Faaiua, Henry and Vaifoa  got soaked from bumping to each other.There was a  

Rainbows End finished so they went home for dinner. They were happy that they got Justin Bieber”s Signature. They got home and dad made butter chicken. They were eating and Faaiua told his  dad what he did today.

Faaiua and his friends felt tied from the big day.