Thursday, May 31, 2012

Duck stuck

                                This is my Duck Stuck picture for my reading.
                                 The ducks head was stuck and the other animals were coming to
                                   see what was happening.So the duck could not get its head out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Texas Jackson Polliock

There was artest Jackson Pollock he was American and he also lived in America in New York city.
He was born on January 28th 1912 and he died in a car crash in August the 11th 1956.
He was one of a few American painters to be recognized during his lifetime.

He smoked a lot but it made him a good painter and he was drinking too!!!.
He was using a lot of contrasting colours and primary colours. He has a lot of paintings that he sell it when he was a very famous painter.

His name was Paul Jackson Pollock. He was using a lot of contrasting colours and primary colours.I think i liked Jackson Pollock painting.

The next day we did painting.I was flicking and dripping every were even on my shoes.
The best part was flicking and dripping by my self.

I told the teacher that i was finished and putted it back in side.  

Could Creatures Live With Out Rain

If rain doesn't come down the sea creatures will remain alive but the creatures on land would not survive when theres no rain. If there's no water for people they will die with no water for our oxygen.

The world won't live without plants and animals. The animals can’t live neither can plants grow without the rain. The deserts needs water and rain for the dry plants.

We need some rain for the animals because  they might die and not survive. The plants needs supplies to get water or rain so they could grow big. We had to survive with water to drink and stay alive. without rain we won’t grow crops or vegetables.

Some people get angry when it rains but it helps things grow and live. Farmers have cows and sheep to get milk and blankets. But some people were really happy of the rain so the crops can grow and people can drink. The city needs water to drink when they're at work. But some city gets really happy when it rains. There dams needs to keep full so there is enough water to drink.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On the first day of swimming  we were doing lessons  with one of the instructor’s. Gracefully getting into the water it was very warm. The instructor  told the group to do rocket arms without breathing to the end and back. Waiting in the line I was watching my friends going to the end and back. I was next I put up my rocket arms and took a deep breath and the instructor held me and pushed my leg to the end of the pool.

On the way back I furiously kicked my legs and rotated my arms. Next we had to listen to the instructor and he said  to rotate our  arms with the flutter boards.I was first I took a deep breath and kick my legs and rotated my arms.

Swimming back  the instructor told us to get changed. Waiting for the teacher Mr Marks we headed back to school and had lunch.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hi my name is Texas I am a year 6 in room 15.On the first day we did swimming lessons with the flutter boards.And that was the first of swimming .