Friday, March 28, 2014

Sports At Tamaki College

Sports at Tamaki!!

Tamaki college has invited three Classes from pt England to play sports with them. Tamaki college is located in Glen Innes in Auckland. Maori and polynesian student are mostly like to go to Tamaki college. Its good also to lose weight, avoid diabetes and to get healthier. it is held behind the Recreation centre, when we met the breakers we went there. Students at Tamaki always see us playing outside, while there inside.
Why do we go to Tamaki college for? We go there to get fit and learn new activities. participating at Tamaki is cool because we get a break from class like maths, Writing and literacy. We go Tamaki every Friday for sports. Its good for Fitness and having fun with your friends and exercising and getting out of the classroom.

After morning tea we headed down to Tamaki college for sports. It was a pleasure to play with any one but not everyone .first, we split into 7 groups of 10, and then we got sent to different activities. We got a variety of activities Like the High Jump, Obstacle course, Chain tag and Trust fall. My favourite activity that I've experienced is the rope jump. We split up Into two groups, Then we have to help every one over before five minutes.

In my group The tutors are (boys) there year 12’s. The activity was the rope jump, The rope jump is like high jump but there is not a mat to land on. It was a fun activity that I have experienced so far. Last weeks activity was the trust fall, The trust fall was an unbelievable activity.

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