Monday, March 31, 2014

Swimarama Pools

I got some good news that I am aloud to go somewhere with my friends. My friends and I travelled to the pools to have a swim, As we walked In some of us had enough money to get a slide band. I was surprised that the water slide closes at 4:00PM, Even though we arrived at 1:00PM. All of my mates got shouted to get a band each from an old man. I usually See this Old man every Sunday.

The warm pool was relaxing and quiet, But too much noise. As It was getting noisier my friends and I went to the slide. Blazing down the watery slide one at a time The bumps were smashing my back and leaving a red mark. Meeting one of my old mates, Lorenzo was a  pleasure to play with. One of the life guards said” Today is the last day for the outside cold pool”.

I don’t think The cold pool is going to be down until next summer. As I went on the slide this time some of my mates went behind me at the same time then we got a warning when went came down. The best thing I done so far was speeding down the slide.

The music that was playing out side was girly songs that none of the boys liked. So I played mine as loud as I want. Logan, Lukis, Isiah, Frankie, Lorenzo and I decided  to go down at once, All I can hear was screaming and a unlikely noise behind me.

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