Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spider Robot

Did you know that there is a spider robot? Well there is
,it was invented by Matt Denton a man that took a long time to built it.This invention is the cost over a thousand pounds and that it was supposed to be a cool and fun looking spider robot.

People might think this is a toy to play with but it is not,This man that built it wasn't the only one.The electronic engineer took about four years to do the legs that are made out of metal.


  1. Hey Texas,

    Your writing was juicy and it was a great recount of the spider robot.
    It really took 4 Year's Wow now thats Impresive. Later's

    From Antonio.T

  2. Wow a spider robot that sounds amazing. Your writing is very interesting can you manually control it or is controlled by a remote. Great writing and research.