Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On the first day of swimming  we were doing lessons  with one of the instructor’s. Gracefully getting into the water it was very warm. The instructor  told the group to do rocket arms without breathing to the end and back. Waiting in the line I was watching my friends going to the end and back. I was next I put up my rocket arms and took a deep breath and the instructor held me and pushed my leg to the end of the pool.

On the way back I furiously kicked my legs and rotated my arms. Next we had to listen to the instructor and he said  to rotate our  arms with the flutter boards.I was first I took a deep breath and kick my legs and rotated my arms.

Swimming back  the instructor told us to get changed. Waiting for the teacher Mr Marks we headed back to school and had lunch.


  1. This is a good piece of writing Texas well done.

    I am pleased to see you starting your sentences in different ways like 'waiting', 'swimming' and 'gracefully'. It is a lot more interesting isn't it.

    Now you have set the standard for next time. Keep it up.

  2. Hi Texas Was it fun when we went swimming by the way what was your favorite part.