Friday, September 2, 2011


Last Thursday room14 went to badminton.
At badminton we were playing with Donna. First we started some new skills then we went to pick a space and fold our legs.We started playing and it was very hard, we tried to hit the shuttle and so I said, "I will make it." and I did. I leaned on my back and hit it.

Next Donna showed us how to hit it under our legs and that was cool.  Junior and I kept on dropping the shuttle on the ground.

We played a game with these nets. Evan and David were good at serving and hitting with the racket and  Jayden and I were challenging them. We tried to hit the shuttle up without dropping the shuttle on the ground. I hit the shuttle on the racket 25 times and I had never done that before. So Shayne and I were hitting and twisting our wrist around heaps.
At the end we put our rackets away and the shuttles too. Then we went back to class to have lunch.


  1. Cool Texas I went to badminton to and It was fun.I like
    hitting it under my legs.your writing is very interesting. keep up the good work.

  2. Hi I love badminton you must of had alot of fun jumping and getting dizzy. Have you ever tried aussie rules it is just as much fun as badminton but you get a rugby ball and kick it and play with it.