Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Could Creatures Live With Out Rain

If rain doesn't come down the sea creatures will remain alive but the creatures on land would not survive when theres no rain. If there's no water for people they will die with no water for our oxygen.

The world won't live without plants and animals. The animals can’t live neither can plants grow without the rain. The deserts needs water and rain for the dry plants.

We need some rain for the animals because  they might die and not survive. The plants needs supplies to get water or rain so they could grow big. We had to survive with water to drink and stay alive. without rain we won’t grow crops or vegetables.

Some people get angry when it rains but it helps things grow and live. Farmers have cows and sheep to get milk and blankets. But some people were really happy of the rain so the crops can grow and people can drink. The city needs water to drink when they're at work. But some city gets really happy when it rains. There dams needs to keep full so there is enough water to drink.

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