Friday, November 30, 2012

Camp Day 1

On Tuesday the year  6’s went to school for a meeting before we go to Camp Bentzon ,Mr Burt told us to put all the suitcases into the bus’s. I waved to my dad, mum and my two brothers when I went passed them. I was cold Because I was sitting next to a window with heaps of wind.

I was sitting  next to Logan when we were on the way Kauwa island. Me and Isara Saw a Crashed blue BMW down the cliff.
Then we were talking to Jarred Because we thought that he wasn't a new zealander but he was. The funny thing about him was that he can speak Spanish.

We got to Sandspit and had some morning tea while the teachers put our suitcases in the ferry Boat. We got on the Ferry Boat and I sat on the top so I can Feel the breeze . We went passed a little small kind of  island.

We saw houses when we were nearly there. So we saw a lady then we started to do the haka . We stopped  and got out of the ferry and looked at the place.

The teachers told us to take the suitcases near the sliding door room ,and take the kitchen stuff to the kitchen. We had to sit in our lines so we can get points and  I was in Katz. Mr Jacob got ready to go to put the rock on  the  tin  whey up the hill.

It was very hard walking up the hill so I grabbed a stick  and tried  and tried to go up the hill. We got there  and had a little bit to eat, Isara had a  speech for us. so we went back to our cabins to put our stuff away.

Everyone arrived  back and putted there suitcases away in their cabins. It was nearly dinner time so we  had to sit in our lines and wait for the teacher to call us.While we wait we just talk about what we are going to eat.

We ate  hamburgers  and it was yum, But  also some Corn cobs with hot chips. Our drink was water when we get thirsty all the time after eating. We finished and then brushed our teeth  before we go to sleep.

I was tied so I went to sleep and have to wake up early the next day.I heard something thing it was a wallabee.

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