Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Day Out

Planning: Characters: Me , Anthony, Sione, Taniela , Tame Hook and introduction. Where , what, why, who running off roofs, 2.afraid to jump. On Sunday Me and some friends went to town on our scooters. We left at 01:00 PM and got there at 01:30 PM, Why are we doing this is because we like doing it. We went on top of the Vodafone store and then we were Free running on to other roofs. Tame Said” Should we get a drink” and we said” yes lets get some” So we checked our wallets and we didn't know that we two hundred dollars in each wallet so I bought the drinks and each drink cost Five dollars each , the drink was called powerade. We got to the skate park and we were doing back flips off the wall but Anthony Hurt his arm by hitting the brick wall. Lucky I had plus kit with bandages and plasters. I got a message on my phone Saying you have to come home now for lunch so quickly put a plaster on his arm and trained back to G.I. I got there and my mum handed out the plates butter chicken. After that I washed my hands and had a sleep Because I was Exhausted from free running, So there I was having a nice sleep.

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