Friday, July 4, 2014


Aussie rules is another name for AFL. AFL originates in Melbourn.
AFL is named from Australians and The first match was played in the year 1858 and has now spreaded as a common sport in most nations such as New Zealand.

This term class 2 has AFL sessions, today was our last session but we still had fun. Each week we learn different skills to play AFL like the punt, passes, handball and kicks. Today Tim was our instructor and he taught us some skills that we know and a few we don't know.

In the real AFL if you get the ball through the middle goal post you get 6 points(for children you'll get 2 points). What are the positions?Each AFL team starts a match with 18 players on the oval, and four interchange players on the bench, who can be changed as many times as desired.

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