Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Term 3
Welcome back Point England, it is now term 3 which means the theme for this term is different, it is called” game on”. The theme game on is part of commonwealth games, commonwealth games is about sports like boxing, cycling, running, weight lifting, shooting and more.

It was great to my friends walking through the gates just in time for class, also i seen some of them at the matariki lights in Glen innes near the library. This morning we have a team assembly which means our topic is different for this term. As we got to the hall all the teachers had a costumes or something thats part of their team, Every beginning of a new term the teachers perform  on the stage or show a movie that's made over the holidays.

In the assembly almost our whole class was here but some of them were away and they are going to miss out on the performances and movies but they can always see some of it on the school news. We started the day of with a karakia then team by team will show us their performances and movies.

Team 1 was first but instead of going on the stage to perform something they made a movie. The movie was about the Olympics, The beginning of the video was showing  people supporting their country and cheering. As the video was nearly done teachers and children were laughing.

Mr J is like a back up principle when Mr Burt is gone to somewhere far or a meeting. since Mr Burt was gone Mr J had to say who's next and everything else Mr Burt usually says. It is now team 2’s turn to show us what they have made. Team 2 Had a movie about the Olympics to. They were dressed up and had funny looking.

It is now team 3’s turn, the teachers did a wicked performance dancing and acting. Mrs barks was the talking person.Now its Team 4’s turn, they also did a movie. They were dressed up as they’re colors from their country’s. The star of the movie was the jamaican guy.

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