Monday, October 20, 2014

Why are class school rules are important?

Rules are important in our childhood cause what would happen without rules. Without rules There will be a lot of disrespectful people, things missing and a lot of thefts. At Pt England School there are heaps of rules especially for the intermediate block. One of the rules for the intermediate block is that you must take your shoes off before entering a classroom.

With rules It would be safer for children so when they grow up they will have a good education. Respect is one of my main things that i do. In my class most of the students are respectful but we also got thefts because last week on friday About 5 to 3pm my netbook went missing so i had a look around everywhere but i couldn't find it.

If all schools in NZ had no rules at all there will be a lot of consequences and Heaps of meetings with the teachers if you pick the wrong choices. I reckon I am use to the rules at school.

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