Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cross Country

Every week we do cross country training,What we do is go around the school and Run down to the car parking at the  Pt England reserve and go around Mr S,
And On the way back you walk around the court and then you will hear Mrs Garden say “come in” then everyone comes in.

What we do is an exercise to warm us up from the big run. Some people get in trouble because they keep on talking and not listening . We sit on the ground because we get magic minutes .Then the bell rings  and we go home .

The day came It was after lunch we did maths then we walked  on to the court and got ready to run. There goes the year 6 girls,off they run then the year 5 boys go and off they go ,then the year 5 girls go ,Now it was us the year 6 boys then we went running to Mr S. Going behind Mr S and running back to the school now I have to run around the school that was hurting my foot so i walked .

walked around the court then I heard Mrs Garden say “come in” so there we go to do the warm up .It took for ages because there were naughty kids that weren't  listening .The bell rang  we went back to class to get our bags and go home .

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  1. Before I read this to much Texas you need to edit more thoroughly please. Your first paragraph is one massive sentence with commas. You have far to many commas which make massive long sentences. You also have a paragraph that starts with out a capital letter. Both peoples names and place names should have capital letters. Please edit and rework Texas.