Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot Sausages

Guess what room 15 did on Tuesday? We Had a barbeque and we had to bring one dollar.

Nearly the whole class got one sausage for free because there gonna bring their money tomorrow.
Mr Marks brought to school  some sharp Knifes , aboard to cut the onions, tomato sauce,
bbq sauce, souvenirs,bbq that was most of the stuff he brought.

What Mr marks did was telling  some people to cut up the onions.Someone like Mele cried when she was cutting the onions and then people laughed and her to.Mr Marks didn ‘t cry when he was cutting  the onions becausehe was tall.

Mr Marks got the bbq out and turned it on then put the sausages on.He was  grilling the sausages and when i look at them they looked yummy and crispy. the bell rang we went to play.we had ICT
and music ,the whole class stayed  and the girls had to go on the computer and the boys were on their netbooks.

After music we went back to class and have hot sausages.The sausages looked tasty and yummy
when i had it in my hand.I eat it with tomato sauce and it tasted delicious and yummy.
I was finishing off the hot sausage and it was good.          

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  1. I think you should have cut the onions as well Texas. You are tall as well so you would have been safe from crying.

    Texas please make sure you proof read your writing, and always take some time to read it out aloud to yourself. I know it seems like a silly thing to do but it will help improve your writing so much. I can tell you haven't this. You also need to fix up the capital letters please.