Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action world

Action world was like a bouncing castle place but mixed with cool things.The jump n slide was so relaxing just jumping off and landing on a soft area.I really enjoyed the jousting bridge how we got to fight with a partner and knock them off.

The crazy Ladder was so crazy when your nearly to the top,I tried like five times but I’m still not there.I finally got a chance to go on the hire wire by my self trying to get to the end but I didn't get near the end.Rising my feet from the ground I hardly walked so I’d just watched everybody have fun and playing around.

It was free time and yes I got to go on every thing again.The best thing ever I went on would be the High wire,high and falling off.Paris was like a pro just walking straight and nearly walking back where he started.

It was time we left back towards school after we all that fun at action world.My highlight of the day was having fun with my friends and having a great time

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