Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Highlight of the year

It was really cool to be in room twenty two when we get to work on our net-books each day doing writing and also Maths Whizz .Maths,Maths every day after morning tea,Its nearly the end of the year for the year 8's so hopefully they pick more things before they go off to high school.
My other highlights are learning more things about maths and trying to get to the top.I really liked it when we had the first time to do any thing like playing good games like mine-craft.Some of us could play on-line so we can build heaps of houses on mine-craft.Friends are cool at helping you finding things and also the year 8's now it going to be me as a year 8 soon.Dancing,sports,and games are an very nice thing to do.Thanks to all the teacher's for every thing.

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