Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook reflection 2013

Netbook reflection 2013,

It is a pleasure that I still got my netbook because it had hardly any problems wrong with it but only a couple of times.As maths is going on I am getting more confidence at my basic facts,But not just my basic facts I learnt heaps of different strategy in different ways.It’s a great device to work online and do your own things.

If we didn't have an laptop we wouldn't have an opportunity to go online we will just do everything on a piece of paper.In maths I use to struggle heaps in maths but now I don’t because this progr
am Xtra maths had helped me with all my basic facts.

Maths whizz is another program that helps with different strategy's and also ideas.My teacher has showed me how to use my Google drive,Go on things for learning.Each week we have an rotation and during that rotation id learn new drawing tools and how to make a Gif picture.

Also I’d help some friends that really needed help with there net book. I’d thank Mr Burt and Mrs Burt for this great opportunity that we got net books to use instead of using piece of paper.I have learnt so much people that need to find there things,look for there pictures,forgotten which folder they put their stuff in. 

YouTube is one of the programs when you can get search anything,there are all sorts of Maths strategy's that are able to watch,learn and if you need help.
This is the best thing I can ever use at school,A big huge thanks to Mr,Mrs's Burt for our Netbooks.


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