Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holiday highlights

During the holidays I’d go to the pools.
me and my brother were very exitedto go on the waterslide. The speed slide was just great getting to the end with a huge splash. My brothers highlight would of been having a happy day and trying the spa pool, wiremu said “it was very hot “. An arcade strucked my eye so I’d have a game,Crane game,I was so close by picking up the ball.

I felt grateful for going to this pool.Our lunch was very tasty and sweet, Sausages, pork chops, garlic bread. Well me and my brother enjoyed the speed slide and all but there was one more thing,The movie pool.It was an relaxing pool that had a huge screen in front,The movie was “ The Lion king” .

The pools that I went to was called”waiwera”the best pools I've been to so far.Off we went back home to have a rest.The best highlight of the day is to remember the fun I had and speeding down the slide.

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