Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia Reflection

Fia Fia was fantastic!

Well on Wednesday the 9th of April Pt England School had made an concert that's called Fia Fia. There are heaps of culture groups, Singing groups and all sorts. I was surprised to see food stores and drinks, For an refreshment I had a toffee apple and a drink. 

Very soon about 10 minutes we are going to go to get changed and ready. I am in the niuean group that does the haka and different performances. Gelling my hair and putting on my sisi I got to take selfies of my mates & I. There were so much Parents, Adults and kids in the crowd and also my family. 

When It was our group to get up and head to the stage I wasn't confident enough to perform in front of so much people. I was trying and trying to stay focus to the dance but yes I did . My highlight was staying focus and listing to the the coach. This was the most time I got to hang with my mates and eat alot.

Ever sense I came to this school I think this is the third or fourth Fia Fia, I have been in the kapa haka group, Unicycling and the niuen group.

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