Monday, April 7, 2014

The Five lonely Minions

Once upon a time there were five lonely minions that were very short and never got along with anyone. They lived in Israel In a temple that was dangerous with hidden explosives and dynamite. Their special talent’s were money, Video games and creating games. One of the minion’s were good to girl’s and with others.

Their problem where they lived in a Temple and there were about thousand of minion’s but two years later 95% of them died by traps in the Temple. The reason why the minion’s were sad was because most of the minion’s friends and parents are dead.

The One only minion that was kind to girls and others had met a girl that was lovely, Beautiful and pretty. One day after the funeral the minion got married and lived in the temple until a year later they moved to a mansion. Two years after they had kids. There were about two thousand kids that were born and they brought a mansion for their kids to live in.

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