Friday, May 16, 2014

What Is Sound?

What Is music?
I like music because its really interesting and joyful. Songs can cheer up people when they're sad or unhappy. Music can emotionally hit people deep down to make them feel like they’re gonna cry or maybe they’re in the same place.
There are a variety of types, Like Rap, Pop, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Jazz. Rap is one my favourites that I like to listen to. What is Rap? Well for an example if I was going to rap I’ll tell someone to come up with a beat like beatboxing. One of my favourite rappers is Eminem.
MY Favourite Artists
My favourite artists are Eminem & Chris Brown. Eminem Is one my best rappers because makes Heaps of albums. Chris Brown Is a Hip hop kind of guy that can make different types of albums.
What kind of instrument are their? There are Drums, pianos, Heart, guitar and much more. What is a Instrument? well its like sound but a different sound. Some of the instruments have different sizes, width and  a different tone.

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