Monday, May 26, 2014

My favourite Experiment At The Science Road Show

On friday the 23rd some classes got to go to a Science road show, The science road road show was placed at Tamaki college. All of a sudden we got their and there were different types experiments that looked interesting and looked difficulty to try out. Shayne was one of our tour guys that told us what there was, what kind of stuff and what we can do.

Having a look at all the experiments there were a few that looked tricky to try out but I was lucky because one of the Students that go tamaki college helped me out and telled me what It does. Finally I found me a very cool and experiment that includes letters. The experiment was finished and it came out hot.

For my letters I chosen parts of my name. With letters the student place It on a burning thing that looked like a box. The student opened It then She put a square plastic paper looking on top of the letters.

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