Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to play Flappy Bird?

Flappy Bird Is a game that you can play on mobile phones, tablets and pc. To get this app you can get It on the playstore or the appstore, you can buy this app or get for free. I don’t like this game because It’s a bit hard. My high score Is 244. If want to know how I got that high score, well every day from when I got this game I have playing It every single day until

How to play Flappy Bird? to play Flappy Bird you use your fingers to tap. While tapping the bird you must try not to hit or touch the tunnels you go through. Every time you go through a tunnel you get a point, to me The main purpose of this game Is getting through the tunnels to see what your high score Is.

If Its your first time playing this game It Is gonna be hard because when I got this game It took a very long time to get to a score that I really wanted. As I searched up Flappy Bird on youtube their were alot of people smashing ipads & phones. Their Isn't just Flappy Bird thier Is heaps of different games like Flappy Bird but difficulty.

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