Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Is a mobile phone?

What Is a mobile phone?

There are different types of mobile phones, touch screen, button phones and much more. There are a variety of different sizes of phones and different brands. The device that I'm using Is a touch screen, the brand Is Alcatel one touch.

During the past few years I have been getting phones to have and try out. There mostly touch phones. What people usually do Is texting other people in their state or around the world. Its cool that you can ring any one but you must have credit to call and text. With no credite that means no calling and no texting.

What Is a Simcard?
An simcard Is small and lets you call and text people by topping It up. There are some names of simcards,Skinny, Vodafone, 2degrees, Telecom. I have a Vodafone sim which has different plans and different combos, 20$ top ups are interesting. With my top up It gives me unlimited texting, 300 mb and 20$ credit.

In Auckland there are places like The warehouse, warehouse stationery, Harvey Norman, Dicksmith, Trademe, noel leaming. Those are the places where you can get a phone or anything else.The brands I like are LG, Samsung, Alcatel.

The best brand Is usually the highest price like 990$, The phone I have been looking at Is Samsung s5. Its big, Its a good quality, It haves a front camera, And Its a new model. A mobile phone Is different to a pc(computer). On touch screen phones you can get heaps of apps and games. Its best to wait for specials to come on the t.v ads or look on the paper.   

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