Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to use skype?

How to use Skype?

How to use Skype? It Is a simple app to use. If It Is your first time using this you have to sign up. To sign up you have to add your details, Your gmail or other  account and your password. When you are done you can start adding people.

Skype Is an app that you can use the camera with at all times.The Skype app lets you call people through the camera And lets you chat. To use this app you have to have Internet otherwise you can’t call and chat. I like Skype because you can add people from around the world and call them through camera.

I think there are two different Skypes, Skype & Skype wifi. Skype wifi Is Skype but you don't use credit to ring people. If you have the real Skype you have to have credit to ring people.

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