Monday, June 16, 2014

Rugby Game

Suddenly I felt tired because I woke up early. Watching t.v I heard my dog bark so I looked outside and It Was My uncle(Anthony’s dad). So I had to wake up my dad and said to him uncles here. So they had a talk and My brother and I got to go to his house for a few hours. Luckily my cousins were there so were can play the arcade, The arcade was mixed with a windows 7 computer.

One of my cousins were being good and he got to go to skateland with the neighbours!. Well hes going to miss out on the rugby game, The rugby game is across the road from Carl's junior and also near the netball courts. The game starts at 3 pm so we left the house at 2pm. Were jus playing passes and kicks when we were waiting for the game to start.

As the time was up Anthony team was ready to play and tackle. The other team was kicking first, the crowd was cheering and all the family's were watching there Kids play. Its a good game and also there no chit chating about the other team. There all look the same hight but can tackle hard.

As the game was finishing up we left to get something to eat like spaghetti and mince.
I reckon It was a ruff game for Anthony's team and the other team they played. It was a fine sunny day for the rugby game I watched.

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