Friday, August 22, 2014

Why Is Taking Care Of Your Mind And Body Is So Important?

Why Is taking care of your mind and body is so important? so we can learn and do things properly. During rugby games our body can get bruised, hurt and injured. Taking care of our bodies is important. Why do we have a brain? The brain controls our arms, legs, fingers and some more of our body parts. It Is very important to eat breakfast otherwise our brain isn’t gonna work  properly enough.

If there Is something hard and you haven’t tried before you can think and have a try, its alright if you get the answer wrong because you thought of something and you tried it out. Being cybersmart and helping one another when they're hurt or sad is a good thing because you're helping someone.

Drinking heaps of water and healthy food can make our bodies look strong, nice and good looking. Having bruises and sores around your body can make you look different than before. But we are lucky to have medicine’s and creams that can take away the bruises and sores.

The brain is the main system where we can save memories, thought, ideas, and answers to anything. If you are a very busy person and you got heaps of jobs and you're struggling your brain might feel tired and it needs to rest. To keep your mind ready and focused you got to make sure you're not thinking of something else but things you have to do.

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