Friday, August 29, 2014

Why Kids Should Exercise Everyday

I believe that children should exercise every day so they are prepared for sports and activities. Being confident to step up to exercises is good because you can get better at running and competing in sports. I think children should run every day so they can achieve at running or achieve to compete in sports and activities.

In our country New Zealand some school kids have been focusing on becoming an athlete by practicing and practicing. Kids that don't try to do exercises and runs are causing themselves to become lazy.

Every single day many people around the world do exercises.
Our school Pt England has been focusing on cross country. Cross country is a big run around the school or around the area. Every day the yr 7 & 8’s run to the Pt England reserve and back. wWe usually do 1 or 2 laps.

Children try their best to play activities and sports but some of them come last because they don’t exercise and practice. To become better at sports you have always got to practice. Children that exercise every day keep on improving their fitness and health.

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