Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth country

* Location: Samoa
* Population: 188,889 people
* Culture and language: english,samoan,
* Popular sport?Rugby, boxing, swimming,netball, weight lifting and running.
* Flag:blue, red and white, the five stars
* Teams competing in the Commonwealth Games

Samoa is part of 71 countries that is participating in the Commonwealth Games. Samoa is located in the Pacific Ocean. Did you know that 188,889 people live in Samoa! The languages that are spoken in Samoa is English and Samoan.

The most popular sports in Samoa is rugby, boxing, swimming, netball, weightlifting and running. One of the traditional games that they play in Samoa is called taulafoga. During the Commonwealth games Samoa has one gold,silver and bronze medals.

The Samoa flag has five white coloured stars. The colour blue is said to represent freedom. Red is representative of courage, as well as being a traditional Samoan color.

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