Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education Van

Lynn and Harold have been traveling the world to have lessons with other schools and teach them more about our bodies. At life Education the intermediate block have been learning about drugs and alcohol and how it affects our human body. Once a week we have been watching examples about how drugs and alcohol can affect us and how people lost their friends over it.
During The first session we were watching some examples about drugs and alcohol. after the examples that we watched we had a talk about what happen and what the adults and children did wrong.

Drugs can be helpful for some people but drugs can also make adults and children feel different. There were a much more drugs that weed , There is cocaine(crack) pills, cannabis and meth. Pills can be very dangerous and harmful. This weeks session was about drugs and we also got to know about what alcohol can do when we drink it.

Watching one out of six examples there was a boy called James that was a great athlete. One night he went to a party and done something very bad. He had drunk a whole bottle of vodka which is a type of spirit drink. His friends thought he was sleeping but the next morning he was dead. He looked like a good boy but tried to do what his friends were doing.

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