Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

Cross country was fantastic!

Last Thursday our school (Pt England) had cross country. Cross country is a big run, especially for the intermediate boys and girls. Teacher’s and children were dressed In their house colours. Almost half the school were wearing uniforms instead of mufti. I reckon this years cross country was the best because the weather was sunny and bright.

Feeling prepared for the run I saw my brother waving at me. A few seconds later Mr Burt said “get ready, set...go!” Then he slammed the blocks together. As soon as I heard Mr Burt say ”go” I was jogging with a steady pace. I realized I was getting better, after all the practicing. My buddy (Howard) and I really wanted to stop for a break but we wanted to catch up with the fast boys.

There were a variety of colours as we were running. So far I was coming a tie with Neo but it was hard to catch up because he started sprinting fast. Huffing and puffing it was very hard to breath and concentrate at the same time.

Running to the finish line I had reached my goal. I had improved my time and had a better placing than last year.

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